Team members were asked about the Apprenticeship and Training

Oli Clarke

Customer Support Technician

Being on the 3AAA Apprenticeship Scheme has been an enjoyable and educational experience in which I will take into my working years as a trained IT professional. Not only has it given me a widely recognised and valuable level 3 qualification, but also helped me find full-time employment here at Comms365.

Furthermore, the vast majority of training provided by Bedford College tied in with my workplace roles such as WAN technologies, network security features and customer service skills.

Billy Grierson

Customer Support Technician

My apprenticeship with Comms365 has helped me start my career in IT. Working alongside many experienced people enables me to expand my knowledge each day in different areas of IT.

As well as learning from members of my team, Comms365 allows me to work independently on projects to help me to build my personal knowledge and confidence.

The college training hours and working hours are both very flexible with each other, so I’m not overwhelmed my having too much time at work or college.

Sam Waldram

Customer Support Technician

My experience of my apprenticeship at Comms365 was extremely rewarding. I was getting paid to learn about a subject I was extremely interested in. When I first started everyone at Comms365 was welcoming and the atmosphere in the office was very relaxed, this made it easy to find my feet within the company. Since starting at Comms365 I have learnt a wide variety of skills not just in the networking domain but also in others such as Customer Service. The main aspect of my learning is the fact I have gained a Cisco Qualification called Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), which learning at Comms365 helped towards along with some revision of my own. I am now being encouraged to progress into the Wireless side of networking as that is an area of the business Comms365 is growing. I can see my career developing in this area as I complete each exam I will become a more experienced and knowledgeable engineer.