Benefits of bonded internet, an application of SD WAN

Benefits of bonded internet, an application of SD WAN

If you’re an IT reseller, Product Manager, Sales person or Managing Director, you’ll know how important it is for your customers to have an automated, cost effective and agile IT network. It’s in your interest as a reseller to make sure you’re reselling the best solutions. This article gives some great examples of bonded internet solutions, showing how effective the right IT products can be for your clients.

SD WAN is a type of technology offering advanced functionality and enhanced features including full resilience, bonded internet and encrypted multi-site private WAN. The technology provides many benefits for customers and business partners. An example is bonded internet, a solution that links multiple internet sources into a single, aggregated, high quality internet connection. This increases internet performance for customers by providing resilience with better download and upload speeds. The case studies included below show how some of our businesses are getting real benefits from bonded internet solutions.


Bonded Internet for Voice

Businesses relying on internet-based voice communication and collaboration tools need high-performance connectivity and it is essential that these unified communications are supported with high quality infrastructure.

As more businesses rely on remote working and team members working from different office locations and some even having staff members based at home, unified communications and real-time voice communication become essential. Unified communication means that users have fast and easy access to all tools, at all times, from any connected device.

High quality bonded internet solutions can provide quality of service, even over 4G. This functionality is ideal for supporting unified communications traffic to provide a highly reliable and consistent user experience.


Bonded Internet in Construction

A bonded internet solution can combine multiple 4G connections into a stronger, more resilient connection. This means that construction sites can achieve connectivity in places where there is no existing connectivity infrastructure.

Construction managers need reliable internet connections to communicate with architects, contractors and clients to keep sites running efficiently. Site workers, guest contractors, architects, and visitors all need online access to place orders, review plans, read surveys and reference technical information.

Delayed or unreliable connections can affect profit margins, client relationships, contract management and site safety, so there are real benefits to having reliable connections.
Business Systems Director of Morrison Utility Services, a user of Comms365’s Continuum Bonded Internet service, said:

“Not only did we need a solution that would work effectively in different environments, but a team who fully understood our requirements. Comms365 ticked all the boxes”.


How Comms365 can help

We’re a market leader in this technology, providing class-leading bonded internet access solutions to Europe’s largest construction companies, including Morrison Utility Services. For sites requiring a permanent solution, we offer our managed service, SD-ONE Package 2. It can bond up to three internet connections. Continuum, our award-winning, fully portable bonded internet solution can bond up to six connections

We also provide unique SD WAN solutions, including wholesale enablement for service providers and fully managed services.

We’ve won several industry awards and commendations including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge platform for innovatory solutions and best innovation and technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.


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