The Benefits of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

The Benefits of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

IT resellers, Product Managers, Sales Teams, and even Managing Directors will know how important an agile, cost effective and automated network is, and will want to be sure that they’re reselling the best solutions. If your customers are looking to upgrade their network technology, then read on to find out how our software-defined wide area networking technology (SD-WAN) and bonded internet solutions can help you to help your clients.


What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a virtualised, software cloud-based approach to networking, and it’s quickly overtaking traditional, hardware-based network creation and management such as MPLS.

SD-WAN has a more flexible and agile approach to networking built in. It gives network engineers and administrators more access and operational control over the network, as well as increased security and reliability. Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director at Comms365, a leading SD-WAN managed services provider, is seeing a huge increase in demand for SD-WAN. He said:

“SD-WAN solutions are having a huge impact on businesses’ ability to streamline processes and improve performance.”

SD-WAN is a type of technology that offers enhanced functionality such as bonded internet and encrypted multi-site Private WAN – both of which provide many benefits to customers. The benefits of these features can be offered as discrete service solutions, and are set out below:


Benefits of bonded internet

Bonded internet is a solution that links multiple internet sources into a single, aggregated connection. This increases internet performance for customers by providing a more resilient connection with better download and upload speeds.

Bonded internet access can deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps by bonding 3G, 4G, ADSL/FTTx and ethernet into one connection. It can be used with 4G only at remote sites with no fixed line connectivity. It can be installed in 3-5 days, or even next day if it’s needed urgently. These connectivity solutions are highly secure, suit all business sizes and are available on short or long-term contracts.

Bonded internet is also excellent for businesses operating in areas or on sites where connections can be unreliable or slow.


Benefits of SD-WAN for Multi-Site Networks

SD-WAN Technology can be used to bring together remote locations in a private network environment which is highly secure and provides equivalent performance to an MPLS network, with several added benefits.

SD-WAN can be delivered over any mix of connectivity, including 4G. This means customers can use different connectivity methods and providers at each site, reducing reliance on a single provider. SD-WAN can also overlay existing networks to allow customers to dynamically add sites via 4G and broadband access without needing to use more expensive MPLS links.

Full multi-site SD-WAN networks, and single site additions, can be deployed much faster than traditional MPLS. Adds, moves and changes to the network can be made easily on an online portal in minutes, and granular reporting of performance of the WAN is included as standard. For international network sites, SD-WAN is a highly cost-effective alternative to expensive international MPLS access links.


How Comms365 can help

We provide unique SD-WAN solutions, including our class-leading bonded internet service. For fixed sites, we offer our managed service, SD-ONE Package 2 is a service which bonds up to three internet connections. Continuum, our award-winning, fully portable internet solution which bonds up to six connections, is also available.

The bonded internet solutions don’t need to be tuned on-site, so there’s no need for an on-site technician. The equipment is managed and tuned remotely by our engineers, making them simple plug and play solutions.

We also offer SD-ONE Package 3, which is a solution allowing a secure, private, multi-site WAN to be created and managed. This service is offered for UK-based and international companies and allows an unlimited number of sites to be connected.

You can be reassured that you’re buying the best by looking at our recent awards wins. We’ve won several industry awards and commendations including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge platform for innovatory solutions and best innovation and technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.

We’re a market leader in this technology, providing bonded internet access to Europe’s largest construction companies including Morrison Utility Services.


As well as SD-WAN and bonded internet, we specialise in 4G services, Internet of Things, ISP services and rental solutions. If you’d like to discuss how our solutions are perfect for IT resellers, call us on 01234 865880, email or visit our product pages on our website.  Visit our website again for future Blogs on this subject.


Last updated: 17th September 2018