Package 1 – Pre-Ethernet and Failover

What happens when my fixed line is installed? (Pre-Ethernet)

The SD-ONE device can remain in place to provide a failover solution.

Will I be notified if the primary connection is lost? (Failover)

Email alerts can be set up to alert you when the SD-ONE appliance switches to failover.

How do I manage the 4G data spend? (Pre-Ethernet and Failover)

Comms365 offer 4G services which includes access to a data management platform where you can monitor and control data usage.

Package 2 – Bonded Internet

Can I bond a mixture of connections from any carrier / ISP?

Yes, any combination can be bonded.

How many connections can I bond?

Up to three with the 100Mbps SD-ONE appliance. More bonded connections require a larger appliance.

How is QoS possible over public Internet links?

QoS traffic is carried within the bonded tunnel, allowing bandwidth and priority to be maintained.

Is QoS available on 4G?

Quality of Service is available as standard, even on 4G, enabling you to select and route specific traffic over the network, which is particularly useful for critical applications like VoIP and CRM systems.