Business Case for Bonded Internet – Construction Industry

Bonded internet access is the technology that many operations and site managers in the construction industry are opting for to rapidly deploy high quality, reliable internet access at building sites. It works by combining multiple wireless 4G and other internet lines from different carriers into a single connection. The result is a fully functioning site office network, capable of supporting multiple cloud-based applications, functions and processes.

If you’re already aware of bonded internet access technology, it’s likely that you already know it’s a candidate technology for delivering internet services at your construction sites. If you are busy formulating a business case to secure the budget, here’s some useful information to help you present your request:

Business Case for Bonded Internet - Construction Industry

Industry standard business cases focus on objectives and success measures (see example model above) and highlight some areas where the business case may be particularly strong for bonded internet access. We’ll be focusing specifically on the productivity and cost variables, as follows:



The model above shows two main objectives of Productivity gains, i.e. optimising service delivery and optimising the user experience. Deployment of a Bonded Internet Access solution optimises site user access to applications, data and other online resources. The outcome is a site office(s) that runs efficiently and effectively, with no down time for communications processes.

With a high quality, reliable internet connection resource your construction managers can communicate effectively with, and manage, architects, site visitors and other contractors who require access to internet access resources at your sites. Bonded Internet Access solutions are frequently deployed with managed Wi-Fi services to separate networks for site workers, guest contractors, architects, and visitors who require access to plans, surveys, orders, technical and health and safety information.

The productivity benefits of Bonded Internet Access can be measured through increased customer satisfaction metrics and improved project indicator scores. There will be no more unreliable or delayed connections that can affect your client relationships, contract management, safety and profits.



Without reliable internet access, communication is hindered and sites can’t operate as well as they need to. Site deliveries can be delayed or lost and stock can’t be managed effectively. This results in increased project costs and reduced profits.

From industry experience, there is 30% chance that any ethernet installation will be disrupted due to wayleave. If your sites have suffered from a delay in the install of a fixed line, you’ll be familiar with the financial cost that this disruption causes. By investing in reliable and cost-effective bonded Internet solutions you can mitigate the cost of connectivity by immediately deploying portable internet access.

As well as the direct cost of downtime, there’s the indirect cost of damage to your brand due to project slippage from unreliable, delayed communications infrastructure.

Cost benefits can be clearly measured by the reduction of loss due to unreliable or delayed connectivity. The retention of or increase in brand value can also be measured. You can avoid financial penalties of a delayed project and potentially measure additional revenue gained from enabling clients to bring forward start dates for building use if your project runs ahead of schedule.


As you can see from the above, the benefits of having high quality, reliable connectivity can outweigh the cost of deployment. Comms365 is a market leader in providing bonded internet access solutions to Europe’s largest construction companies including Morrison Utility Services.

Comms365’s award-winning Bonded Internet Access solution, Continuum, is a fully portable internet resource. It doesn’t need to be tuned on-site, so there’s no need for an on-site technician. Continuum’s equipment is monitored and tuned remotely by Comms365 engineers, making it a simple plug and play solution.

Continuum’s build, including the highly durable casing, makes it perfectly suited to construction sites. Comms365 has connectivity solutions for all sizes of site office, with Continuum solutions typically supporting site offices of 20-50 users.


As well as the class leading Continuum Bonded Internet Access product, Comms365 also specialises in 4G services, SD-WAN, Internet of Things, ISP services and rental solutions. If you’d like to discuss how Comms365’s solutions can help your construction business and projects to thrive, call us on 01234 865880 or email  Visit our website again for future Blogs on this subject.