Georgia Sewell

Digital Marketing Apprentice

After graduating university with a degree in Creative Writing, I was struggling to find a career that I enjoyed due to my lack of experience, so I started thinking about apprenticeships and knew that one in digital marketing would be for me. I felt really grateful for Comms365 taking a chance on me and allowing me to develop my skills with them.

It’s great to work closely with Eloise, as she had recently completed her apprenticeship and was able to support me massively. So far, I’ve really enjoyed taking control of our social media platforms. I create a lot of the content now and have started writing blogs too. I was surprised to be trusted with this quite early on, but I have learnt at a great pace and my confidence has grown in the year I have been at Comms365 and I’m still learning.

Henry Wells

IT Technician Apprentice

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I didn’t really want to stay in education and go to university. An apprenticeship seemed like a great alternative to university as it allows me to gain experience while working and also gain new skills and knowledge at the same time.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to those who aren’t interested in continuing education as this allows them to learn new skills and gain a job by the end of it. This will then allow them to build a career. It is an ideal route to go down after finishing education as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do just like a lot of other people who are in that position but this apprenticeship has really proven to be a good decision for me.

Comms365 has been extremely helpful so far as they support me a lot with my work and allow me to practice the skills I learn from the apprenticeship. Moreover, a lot of the people I work with, especially in my team have been through the apprenticeship scheme with Comms365 so they are able to give really good advice and tips which allow me to complete my work to the best of my ability.

Liam Gray

IT Technician Apprentice

I started my Apprenticeship with Comms365 at the end of May 2021 having studied IT in school and sixth form and wanted to carry on my interest in IT by working in networking, an area I wasn’t too familiar with. Since joining, everyone at the company has been very welcoming and helpful and I feel that I settled in very quickly because of this. 

My role has allowed me to learn lots of new things within IT and networking, as well as customer support. I enjoy working in the NOC as it allows me to learn from very knowledgeable people, helping me with both my work in the office and my apprenticeship work. 

My manager and team are always pushing me to improve and do more and allow me to learn from my mistakes to do the best I can in the future.

Laurence Decarle

IT Technician Apprentice

My apprenticeship with Comms365 has been very valuable for learning the skills necessary for a career in IT. I think that on the job is the best way to learn IT, especially the networking field, as certain concepts start to become clearer and make more sense with real world experience.

The team at Comms365 have been very welcoming and friendly. They do not put me under undue pressure and I always feel comfortable asking questions, even if it is about something that has already been explained to me. I look forward to completing my apprenticeship and advancing within the company.

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