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From the hacks at TalkTalk and British Gas to the technical issue experienced by Marks & Spencer and its website, which all compromised customer information, individuals have become far more aware of the risk to personal data – and companies have become ever more alert to the risk to reputation associated with an information breach or network misuse.

With the hacks and glitches comes the security concern about guest Wi-Fi access. In response to this, Comms365 Managing Director, Mike van Bunnens, has advised that an effective Wi-Fi strategy needs a fully managed service in order to deliver the content management and security policies required.

Mike’s opinion around Wi-Fi security has proved popular across a range of press sectors, including Business, IT, and security. Read more below!


Business Press

Business Matters

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Guest Wi-Fi is a standard offering for growing numbers of organisations from hotels, cafes and sports centres offering free Wi-Fi to customers, to businesses providing Wi-Fi for partners, suppliers and customers visiting the office. But how many organisations have any idea about the way in which that Wi-Fi network is being used?

IT Press

Information Age

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An effective Wi-Fi strategy demands more than easy guest access – a fully managed service is key to delivering the content management and security policies required to improve customer service whilst safeguarding the business.


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Professional Security

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It is important to step back and consider the way in which Wi-Fi is used – by both staff and guests – and assess the risks. Under the current legislation an organisation needs to be able to demonstrate a robust intent to prevent people – both employees and guests – from breaking the law. For most organisations, there is also a requirement to comply with CSR policies regarding the type of content accessed; policies that can include, for example, limiting personal social media usage.


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