5 Easy Steps to Improved Construction Site Internet Connectivity

Five easy steps to improved construction site internet connectivity

If you work on a construction site, you’ll appreciate the need for a fast, reliable on-site internet connection.

Our Continuum solution provides superfast, resilient connectivity for 50+ users from day one.  It’s a fool-proof construction site internet solution compared with single 4G connections and long lead-time fixed lines, and helps your company meet its business objectives.

Below, we set out the five easy steps to using the Continuum solution on your construction site.


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5 Easy Steps to Better Construction Site Internet

1. Call our expert sales team. We have extensive experience of working with construction companies. Tell us your construction site internet requirements and we make it happen.

2. Delivery within 2 working days. Continuum will be delivered to site within just 2 working days, enabling your team to get up and running fast.

3. Plug in and get optimised. No technical expertise required! A site worker simply plugs in the Continuum and phones Comms365's support team to remotely optimise the unit.

4. Get to work! Continuum provides fast, reliable internet for 50 + users. The unit is portable and ruggedised, so you can move it around site as needed.

5. Project success! For rental units, simply ship the Continuum back to us at the end of your project. For purchased units, redeploy to the next site.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We work with some of Europe’s largest construction companies and smaller UK-based construction businesses to provide internet connectivity on their construction sites.

Morrison Utility Services, a part of MGroup Services, are a leading infrastructure services company.  They often work in locations where there is no fixed line connectivity but need a way for their site workers to connect to the internet for communications and to access key information. They use the Continuum solution to provide on-site connectivity when this problem arises.

Graeme Cross, Business Systems Director at MGroup Services, said:

“Not only did we need a solution that would work effectively in different environments, but a team who fully understood our requirements. Comms365 ticked all the boxes”

Continuum - Comms365's portable, high speed internet solution for construction sites


How Comms365 can help

Our award-winning secure solution, Continuum, is a fully portable box of office communications. It doesn’t need to be tuned on-site, so there’s no need for an on-site technician. The equipment is monitored and tuned remotely by our engineers, making it a simple plug and play solution.

We have connectivity solutions for all sizes of site office, with Continuum typically supporting site offices of 20-50 users.  Other 4G services and 4G routers are also available for smaller sites.

Ready to take the first step? Book a demo, call us on 01234 865880 or email sales@comms365.com.

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Download The Simple Guide to Construction Site Internet here.

The Guide contains everything you need to know to get fast, reliable internet to your construction site from day one!

Learn about your options, the pros and cons of different connectivity options and the essential things you need to consider.

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Last updated:  17th May 2019