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Using Fixed IP SIMs

By bonding multiple wireless and/or wired Internet services from different carriers into a single, high performance Internet connection, Continuum delivers Quality of Service (QoS), ultrafast data throughput and automatic resilience with the same static IP address.

Continuum optimises access to the Internet and cloud-based applications for company sites supporting fast browsing, secure access to Email, Cloud, Corporate services, IP telephony and VPN. Delivered in a ruggedised case, Continuum has been designed with portability in mind, whilst bonding multiple 4G connections means connectivity can be provided even where fixed lines are not in place.


SD-ONE is a unique and ground-breaking solution available from Comms365 which addresses key customer challenges, including Failover, Bonding and SD-WAN. It is powered by class-leading bonding and SDN technology to ensure SD-ONE is carrier grade, network agnostic and incorporates unique Quality of Service functionality that can be delivered over any ISP connection, including 4G. 


4G Routers are ideal for business broadband use, where no fixed line services are available, or to provide resilience to your Primary ADSL/FTTC/Ethernet services. CCTV, Events, Media streaming and other high bandwidth M2M applications also benefit from the high performance download/upload speeds of 4G connectivity. We can provide 4G SIMs from all carriers available on a range of data tariffs.

Bonded Internet

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