Comms365 is an innovative Mobile Data and Fixed Line communications company, offering competitive and flexible solution based propositions to the B2B market.

From simple Internet Access through to complex Wide Area Networks, Comms365 is capable of delivering real business benefit and value.

Comms365 has full national and international ISP capabilities. By fully owning and managing a next generation Cisco based core network, the company can provide customers with a unique service offering.

Its resilient, multi-layer network, with multiple interconnects into both mobile operators and fixed line carriers, enables the business to design, build, deploy and manage solutions for a wide range of customers in many vertical markets.

Comms365’s continually evolving toolkit incorporates an advanced Management Portal (CommsPortal), capable of managing the full Comms365 portfolio of mobile and fixed line solutions and access to its carrier grade monitoring systems.

Delivering Managed Services and industry leading Failover capabilities between operators and technologies are also a speciality.

Rental options are also available for instant office solutions.

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Comms365 Toolkit

Comms365 Network 

We believe that at the heart of every exceptional service provider is an exceptional network. This is why we are so proud of ours.

We built our own core network in order to offer ground breaking solutions:

  • Failover between two mobile operators whilst retaining the same IP address.
  • Failover between ADSL and Ethernet and mobile networks all using the same IP (Cloud Protect)
  • Our Core design team can offer solutions that push the boundaries of development – no matter how large or complex the network deployment.

Built using the latest Cisco hardware, IOS and fully resilient ultra-high capacity fibre links across multiple datacentres in London and Leeds, together with superior configuration and support, the network really is state of the art.

Interconnects with a large number of carriers and service providers including EE, 3, Vodafone, O2, Colt, Virgin Media, Cogent, Internap, Level 3, Entanet, Exponential-e and Daisy, ensure the network can offer the best in both fixed and mobile data connectivity, providing total flexibility in our solutions.

As a full LIR* with our own autonomous system, we have our own in-house managed IPv4 and IPv6 allocations direct from RIPE. This gives us the ability to provide each of our services (SIMs and fixed connections) their very own publicly accessible IP address. Monitoring is possible from anywhere in the world making our M2M provision one to be reckoned with.

*Local Internet Registry


Comms365 Network and Fixed IP SIMs
Q: How do Comms365 SIMs compare to a SIM purchased directly from the mobile operators and how do you justify the cost difference?

A: Comms365 SIMs provide the ability for two-way data communication using a fixed or static IP address that is assigned to the SIM card.  This is essential for identifying devices and used for M2M monitoring and for enabling secure access to corporate networks. Comms365’s network provides the IP address, the routing, the Internet Access and the onward intelligence. A n additional layer of service delivery for Comms365 SIMs, compared to other mobile operator provided SIMs, which really differentiates us and enables us to handle complex solutions for our customers.


Fixed IP SIMs
Same day service and 24 hr deliveries are available for a SIM with a single static IP address, either public or private.

SIMs are available on EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 networks via our multiple private APNs and come with a range of tariffs to suit all applications. We have a range of contract lengths available to enable a totally flexible approach. The tariffs range from 500MB up to 144GB and we offer bespoke bundles to fully cater for the rapid increase in M2M and backup deployments.

Comms365 does not block any ports, so port forwarding is possible and on the Three network we can even provide more than one IP address per SIM. If you want to set up a failover service across multiple SIMs within the same device, each SIM can be provided with the same IP address if required.

Fixed Public IPs on 4G are now available utilising the 4G Enhance service.


Our Services Management Platform, CommsPortal allows users to view granular data usage from each and every SIM on their estate, compare usage between months, run reports, and manage the lifecycle of each SIM.  Users are even able to see how their SIM interacts with our network including authentication records.

The platform is multi-level, enabling Resellers to set up their own End Users, or even more Resellers.

CommsPortal can also be used to manage ADSL, FTTC and Comms365 Continuum Bonded, thereby providing a full access platform.

The platform is available to all end users and partners.




Silhouettes of Business People Working in an Office

Since the company’s formation in 2008, we set out to change the way telecommunications companies were viewed.

The Management Team made a considered decision to have a simple but effective mission – To ensure that 100% of its customers receive 100% of just what they need.

That is why Comms365 can proudly announce that, “Our customers stay with us”. There is very little customer churn and in fact most of our customers have taken more services from us, after having experienced service delivery that they like and access to expert knowledge as and when they need it.