One of our partners had a win by providing bin sensors into a national park to monitor bin fill levels and to maximise efficiencies on bin collection routes.
Customer Challenge

The customer was having to carry out daily bin collections at a national park, irrespective of whether they were full or they were over-flowing. However, many bins were overflowing before being emptied which resulted in causing an increase in rodents and litter in the park.

Business Opportunity

LoRaWAN infrastructure, including server and Lora gateways, and LoRa sensors positioned in a national park.

Product and Services Solution

Our LoRaWAN solution was deployed.  We added LoRa sensors to these bins which send a message as soon as a bin is full and also send notifications as the bin levels increase and the bin fills up.


In the trial alone, they managed to see many results including:

  • A reduction of the amount of CO2 they were producing due to driving less. 
  • A saving on fuel costs by driving less, checking and re-checking bins. 
  • Evaluating which bins were most popular so were able to organise effective collection routes. 
  • This bin sensor was also able to detect temperature, which was an excellent feature to improve Fire Safety. Due to the IoT sensors being deployed, they were able to stop a fire that happened at 4am in the morning. They received an alert which allowed them to react quickly to prevent a major fire in the national park and surrounding environment.