One of our partners recently had a win by providing a managed Wi-Fi Solution at a construction site for 100 users.
Customer Challenge

The end users were a team working in the site office, which was in a double-stacked temporary modular building at a construction site. They would only be on-site for 6-9 months and would not be able to get a leased line in. The Wi-Fi would need to provide Internet connectivity for 100 users logging on.

Business Opportunity

Short-term high performance Internet connectivity, option for Construction sites, with secure Managed Wi-Fi solutions. We support partners to connect sites across the U.K with this solution.

Product and Services Solution

Our SD-ONE 300Mbps solution was deployed at this site, along with 2 x 5G Routers and SIMs to maximise the throughput. Once this was all connected, we were able to achieve just under 200Mbps download speeds at the site. We also deployed our Managed Wi-Fi solutions across the 2 floors to connect their 100 staff members.


Immediate Internet Connectivity. The end user was able to be up and running in a matter of days with a fully configured and installed solution for the site, allowing their team to start working from the site office immediately. Following this win, the partner was able to secure further sites with us and continue to grow their revenue with this product set.