One of our Partners recently had success using our IoT M2M Multi-Net SIMs for their sound monitoring opportunity.
Customer Challenge

The end user was deploying a large number of sound monitoring IoT devices around various venues across the U.K. and was looking for a single solution they could use at each site which would be reliable.

Business Opportunity

Being able to detect how much sound is being made at a site to help monitor for and reduce noise pollution. The devices needed to be connected via an M2M SIM card with low data.

Product and Services Solution

By using Comms365 4G/5G Multi-Network SIM cards the partner was able to offer the end user a solution where they can use the same technology at every site and have a reliable connection. They were able to also give them access to a management portal where the customer could track their aggregated package and redirect the SIMs onto a network manually if there were any issues.

Result for End User

The customer was able to conduct their roll out of devices equipped with the same type of connectivity in each one and reliably track how much sound was being made at each site.

Result for Partner

The partner was able to deliver their roll out for the Multi-Network SIMs and add another service to their portfolio for which they are now getting regular enquires and opportunities.