One of our partners recently had a win by providing rapid deployment Bonded Internet solution, on a short-term rental, for a product launch at an event.
Customer Challenge

Lack of Internet connectivity at site. They required a reliable and high-performance 4G connection to showcase their new product launch, at multiple events over a span of 3 weeks. Having a poor connection was not an option.

Business Opportunity

Immediate, high performance and portable Internet connectivity on a flexible, short-term contract.

Product and Services Solution

Given the requirement for consistent and reliable connectivity that can be easily transported across sites, a Rental Continuum was deployed for 1 month. By bonding 5 x 4G SIMs the end user was able to operate at a reliable speed and once an Optimisation service had been conducted, we were able to reduce the latency and allow the end user to operate without issue.


This resulted in the end customer being able to conduct their product launch across the U.K in multiple locations without any issues and be confident with the performance of the equipment.