One of our Partners had success with our SD-WAN solution being provided to theatres within an 8 week timeframe, some with existing connectivity and some requiring connectivity.
Customer Challenge

There was a mix of opening some new theatres and taking over a few existing sites, and our partner needed to provide a secure network for the customer where they were able to share important data between sites and easily manage each site.

Business Opportunity

Deploying our private and secure SD-WAN solution to give the end user greater control of their sites, share information more easily and make bulk changes in one go.

Product and Services Solution

By utilising our SD-ONE package 3, the partner provided a private and secure SD-WAN solution for the end user. To continue to develop the service, the partner is also able to offer bonded internet as standard at each site, in order to provide higher performance Internet.

Result for End User

The end customer was able to roll out to all of their sites within the 8 week time frame. They are able to manage and monitor their private network easily and this was achieved with a cost effective solution.

Result for Partner

The partner was able to develop their relationship with the end user and discuss further opportunities around other product sets.