One of our Partners recently won a deal providing our Unlimited Fixed IP Solution to their end user for their CCTV camera.
cctv camera
Customer Challenge

The end user required a high amount of monthly data for their CCTV set and required 24/7 streaming from the camera. Due to the prices for Fixed IP SIMs, they were conscious their budget may be pushed to the limit.

Business Opportunity

Our solution allows partners to offer their customers an unlimited data solution with a Fixed IP address.

Product and Services Solution

The Comms365 Unlimited Fixed IP Service (previously branded Mega SIM) allows our partners to offer their customers a unique solution by going to market with an Unlimited data solution, with a true Fixed IP address as well as a fully managed service for a fraction of the cost to anyone else in the market.

Result for End User

The end user was able to operate their CCTV cameras as they hoped with remote monitoring of their device and high data for constant streaming, while staying within their initial budget. They were able to take advantage of all the features and flexibility offered by the Partner’s white label CommsPortal.

Result for Partner

The partner was able to offer their customer a reliable service, build trust and develop a relationship with the end user. Since the deal they have deployed two more solutions and have provided a range of their other services to the customer.

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