Parking package

Smart Parking IoT Solution


Monitor parking space occupancy with the SMART Parking Package containing IoT sensors and SMART IoT Gateway.

Product Description

The SMART Parking package provides accurate information to assist with the monitoring of parking space occupancy.

Collect information to obtain summaries about total space occupancy, average occupancy time and peak times to help you manage your parking facility for visitors and employees.

An intelligent Parking Sensor is securely mounted to the surface of the road, instantly transmitting car movement activity data via the IoT Gateway located in your building.

The SMART data collected by the sensors is analysed in our secure, private IoT Cloud, and then relayed to your intuitive SMART Parking dashboard where you can view, analyse and export your data.


This package includes:

5 parking sensors*

1 x SMART IoT Gateway*

1 x Intuitive dashboard

Up to 5 user accounts

Annual licensing, and dedicated support.

*Based on LoRaWAN IoT standard


An example of the SMART Parking Dashboard on CommsPortal


Includes up to 5 user accounts

Please call us on 01234 865880 for additional information regarding this package.