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SMART People and Environment IoT Solution


Monitor the movement of people and changes to environmental conditions with the SMART People Environment package containing IoT sensors and SMART IoT Gateway.

Product Description

The SMART People and Environment package provides accurate monitoring of people movement in a specific place plus building environmental parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Ambient light, Carbon Monoxide and sound.

Collect information from people movement sensors to ensure rooms are empty in out of hours periodsSet security alerts on the portal to advise you if people movement occurs. Sensors are placed in key office locations to record and transmit environmental data to a LoRaWan Internal Building Gateway. Collect data to inform and alert you when there are changes to the environmental conditions in order to provide the perfect working environment. Save money by reducing wasted energy costs and turning it off when not in use. 

The SMART data collected by the sensors is analysed in our secure, private IoT Cloud, and then relayed to your intuitive SMART Building dashboard where you can view, analyse and export your  data.

This package includes:

2 x People Movement

3 x Environmental sensors*

1 x SMART IoT Gateway

1 x Intuitive dashboard

Up to 5 user accounts

Annual licensing, and dedicated support.


An example of the SMART Environment Dashboard and analytics on CommsPortal





Includes up to 5 user accounts

Please call us on 01234 865880 for additional information regarding this package.

*Please note that a suitable alternative may be substituted.