Real World SD WAN Use Cases

Real World SD WAN Use Cases

At Comms365 we get lots of questions about how SD WAN is used. It’s relatively new technology which means that many businesses aren’t familiar with its applications. This article gives some examples of how the technology can help businesses, making it easier for you as a reseller to understand the wide range of uses and benefits for your clients.

SD WAN paves the way for agile, reliable and most importantly, profitable customer networks. The technology provides optimum resilience features and functionality such as encrypted multi-site private WAN and bonded internet.

Because it’s virtualised and cloud-based, it’s quickly overtaking traditional, hardware-based network creation and management systems such as MPLS. Here are some examples of real-life applications of the technology:


International Multi-Site Networks

Conex Bänninger has built a reputation as one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of high quality plumbing fittings and valves in the world. Their requirement was for an agile and high performance, nine-site international private network, which they have achieved by using a SD WAN solution from Comms365. Conex Bänninger made significant cost savings when creating this new network in comparison to running their existing MPLS network. They also benefited from faster deployment and more agile, flexible control of the network using Comms365’s SD WAN Portal.

Conex Bänninger said:

“We have been very pleased with the solution from Comms365 which has been faultless. When compared with the MPLS network we had in place previously, we’ve been able to increase the capacity and reliability of our connections and at the same time reduce the overall cost to the group.”


Enhancements to hosted applications and UC platforms using SD WAN

A Comms365 partner has recently taken advantage of the flexibility that’s built into the Comms365 wholesale network services portfolio, by deploying their own SD WAN core network in one of IBM’s leading UK cloud datacentres.

This new SD WAN core platform interfaces directly with the partner’s hosted unified communications and desktop application servers in the virtual data centre environment. This means that customer sites and users can be connected securely over diverse connection types and carriers, such as ethernet, FTTC and 4G.

The enhanced functionality in the SD WAN platform allows aggregated link bonding, quality of service and encrypted private WAN. This optimises the network environment for applications and users as well as giving an end-to-end solution for our partner’s customers.

Comms365 helped the partner enable their core network and customer branch sites, based on hardware and software builds agreed with them. Included are software features, patch management and third line support as part of the ongoing services contract.

To date, the partner is on track to deploy several hundred SD WAN sites for customers in the automotive, legal and other industries.


How Comms365 can help

We’re the fastest growing SD WAN Provider in the UK. We provision unique SD WAN solutions, including wholesale enablement for service providers and fully managed services.

We provide class-leading bonded internet access solutions to Europe’s largest construction companies, including Morrison Utility Services. For those sites requiring a permanent bonded solution, we offer our managed service, SD-ONE Package 2. It can bond up to three internet connections. Continuum, our award-winning, fully portable, rentable bonded internet solution can bond up to six connections.

We’ve won several industry awards and commendations including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge platform for innovatory solutions and best innovation and technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.

As well as SD WAN and bonded internet, we specialise in 4G services, Internet of Things, ISP services and rental solutions. If you’d like to discuss how our solutions are perfect for IT resellers, call us on 01234 865880 or email


Last updated: 15th October 2018