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This week, the news broke that BT had suffered a major outage across the UK, leaving tens of thousands of households and businesses without a connection for hours.

It appears that problems began earlier in the week when BT had to announce a “major equipment failure” in one of its routers, which affected not just customers across the whole country who buy their broadband directly from BT, but also those who buy broadband through smaller providers that use BT’s lines.

What does this mean for businesses?

The last 5 years has seen a universal downward trend in the cost of basic Internet Access services, driven predominantly from a consumer angle.  This ‘almost free’ Internet mentality has encouraged many businesses to use cost as the determining factor in their choice of business communications.  This, without doubt, will place some businesses in the precarious position of having no way of accessing core services if there is no form of resiliency in place, which is exactly what happened to BT’s customers this week.

No business should be left without connectivity.

By adding a mobile data connection, utilising either 3G or 4G mobile networks, it’s possible to give your business true diverse resiliency should your fixed line connection fail. Combinations of ADSL/3G Failover, FTTC/4G Failoverand Ethernet/4G Failover can improve your up-time and reduce the cost of down-time. Even better, this service can be configured so that both primary and failover connections use the same IP addresses.

In light of this week’s disaster, it’s time for businesses to make a change. Comms365’s Cloud Protect will keep your business’s core services running in the event of a primary connectivity failure; meaning no businesses need to be without connectivity again.

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