Comms365 enables global smartphone and electronics giant to harness the power of Digital Signage

Comms365 was approached via one of its largest partners to build a 1100 site secure mobile data solution on behalf of one of its global technology customers.  The customer had a significant digital kiosk roll out to complete and it was decided that mobile data, rather than fixed line communications was the preferred method of distributing content to the kiosks (due in part to the locations where the kiosks would be.)

With a number of parties involved in the project, from marketing and advertising agencies, kiosk developers, content creation agencies, hardware configuration and installation teams through to content distribution and support, it was imperative that the connectivity was robust and reliable.

Multiple VPNs were created, as well as independent private APNs and the whole project took several months to build, then roll out.

The project, which still continues today, was a huge success and subsequent product launches have utilised the same platform since the first campaign.