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Comms365 is an innovative Network Services Company with our own carrier-grade core network.  We supply advanced
technology solutions both directly to business customers and via our Partner Programme.

Here we list some of our products and services, but if you have a challenge that’s not listed, please get in touch.  Several other relevant resources are also included here.

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Technology Services

4G Services

Connectivity for M2M, business continuity and primary internet access

Our 4G Services cover a range of solutions made possible using 4G technology.  Our 4G fixed IP SIMs are commonly used for M2M purposes.  A 4G SIM and router solution can also be used to provide an internet connection where fixed line connectivity does not exist or to provide portability.  In addition, 4G can be used to provide connectivity as part of a pre-ethernet solution whilst you wait for your fixed line installation, or as a failover solution should your primary connection fail.  We also have Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles available for high data use requirements.

Read more about our 4G Services here.  If you’re interested in reselling our 4G Services, head over to our Partner Programme page.

Bonded Internet

Improve internet performance and resilience by combining multiple connections

A bonded internet solution combines multiple connections to provide a single connection with enhanced performance.  For sites which have marginal performance fixed line connectivity, a fixed-site bonded internet solution can be a cost-effective alternative to upgrading your existing fixed line connectivity.  For temporary requirements such as events or a pre-ethernet solution for larger offices, our portable Continuum solution can combine 3-12 connections to provide portable, rapid deployment internet access.

Read more about our bonded internet solutions here or see our Partner Programme page for information about reselling our bonded internet solutions.

ISP Services

Traditional fixed line internet connectivity

Comms365 has full national and international ISP capabilities with our own carrier-grade core network. We provide a range of fixed line services including ADSL, FTTC, Ethernet, Point to Point, EFM and MPLS WAN.

Learn more about our ISP Services here.


Connect multiple sites securely with a Software-Defined Wide-Area Network

SD-WAN enables you to securely connect multiple sites, protected with industry standard AES-256 encryption.  SD-WAN makes network expansion and network changes a much faster and simpler operation compared with traditional MPLS networks. In addition, the Quality of Service (QoS) feature enables you to prioritise certain traffic types over others.

Read more about SD-WAN here.

IoT Solutions

Improve efficiency and establish trends with cutting-edge IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT)  is a network of connected devices. Sensors monitor a range of variables and relay data back to our IoT platform that can provide analytics and alerts.  We have a number of established IoT solutions for SMART Buildings, Facilities Management, Distribution and Construction, or we can work with you to develop a bespoke security solution.  We can also provide Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) as a cost-effective connectivity option for large IoT deployments.

Read more about our IoT Solutions here.


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Technology Case Study

GB Technologies

Resolving a delay caused by a major provider

“We would not have been able to open our new office in time, which would have resulted in a lot of expensive overheads and us letting down our customers and staff”

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Using 4G connectivity as a disaster recovery solution

“It’s been a really successful partnership and we’re looking forward to working with the team to roll it out to further sites in the future.”

<Read the Case Study>


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Other Resources

The Continuum Story

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Comms365 has been supplying a state-of-the-art service to its partners and customers for their Internet requirements at new sites and critical locations for more than 6 years. This service allows them to simply bring up an Internet connection with high speeds wherever they need it: new sites; sites under construction; sites with fibre breaks; back-up for critical sites.

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How a Fixed IP Mega 4G Bundle Can Benefit Your Business

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A 4G connection provides fast internet connectivity using 4G mobile technology.  Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles provide massive amounts of 4G data at highly competitive rates.  With a monthly data allowance of 500GB or 1TB, the bundle includes a fixed IP address which makes it easy to securely access the device remotely or connect securely to company networks.  […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Bonded Internet

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As a Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner, you will know that your customers rely on their internet connection to benefit from the solutions that you provide to carry out their usual business.  However, according to the Office for National Statistics, over 20% of UK businesses have an internet connection that is slower than 10 Mbps, and only 16.1% have a connection that can deliver 100 Mbps or above1. […]

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Real-Life Use Cases Behind the Bonded Internet Hype

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You’ve heard about bonded internet and its benefits, so check out these real-life use cases that prove how essential it is for your customers. This article gives some examples of how bonded internet has been successfully utilised across different sectors, making it easier for you as a Reseller, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner to understand the wide range of bonded internet use cases and the benefits you could bring to your clients. […]

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Grow Your Business with Bonded Internet

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You know about the benefits of bonded internet and the use cases, but how does it fit in with your business? If you’re a Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner considering extending your product portfolio with bonded internet, Comms365 are the experts who can support you. Read on to find out more about the opportunity that bonded internet presents for growing your business revenues and how Comms365 can easily enable you to integrate this solution into your product portfolio. […]

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Q&A: Everything You Wanted to Know About Business Internet Resilience

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At Comms365, we get lots of questions about how businesses can add resilience to their internet connection to provide business continuity in the event of an outage.  In this blog post, we take a look at the top five most frequently asked questions. […]

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Bringing SD-WAN to the Channel and Supporting SME Digital Transformation

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The channel plays a unique and vital part in defining the Digital Transformation strategies of many companies and the role of the reseller has evolved to make them strategic consultants to many of the businesses they work with. This makes it absolutely essential for resellers to stay on top of the latest technology available to them and their customers. […]

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Want to Know More About the Benefits of SD-WAN?

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Questioning your MPLS network?  Want to know more about the benefits of SD-WAN?  Comms365 provides the answers!  This month we launched the latest addition to our Cloud solution portfolio: our next generation Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) application control service. […]

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IoT Data - Maximising its Value

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Many technology commentators have talked about data as the ‘new oil.’ In the wake of fallout from the current epidemic, data might also come to be viewed as a utility – like electricity, water and broadband; a vital resource essential to shaping, supporting, securing and optimising, all life. Through the rapid growth of IoT deployments, organisations are capturing more data than ever before. But there are still a number of questions around the use of data that need clarity. What is the value in the data? How can it be made available and used effectively to benefi t all stakeholders – councils, citizens and businesses? How can it be monetised, if at all? In light of GDPR and the post-Covid-19 landscape, this is a highly t opical area. As IoT sensor deployments are expanded in smart cities, utilities, hospitals, schools, agriculture, transport networks and many other places, Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and Products at Comms365, explains that stakeholders need to fully understand how to integrate these new data sources into existing data platforms and get the most value from it.

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Are Organisations Truly Capitalising on the Opportunity of IoT?

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The growth of the IoT market is impressive, with analysts predicting that the number of connected devices around the world is on track to grow to almost 31 billion by 2025. The increase in the number of connected assets has enabled organisations to amass a signifi cant amount of data which, when used effectively, can add immense value to an organisation by enabling crucial insight in terms of business strategy and generating effi ciencies. Additionally, the projected impact of AI and 5G on all sectors will help to unlock additional scale, security and interconnections between all parts of the IoT landscape, amplifying the positive impacts of the technology for all stakeholders. So how will these key elements infl uence and impact IoT as the technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed?

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Which SD-WAN Model?

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While MPLS still dominates the WAN market, no organisation can afford to ignore the speed with which SD-WAN(Software-defined WAN) is gaining traction or the scale of innovation globally. With Gartner currently tracking 60. SD-WAN vendors – a six fold increase between 2017-2018 – WAN decision making is fast evolving from ‘MPLS versus SD-WAN’ to ‘Which SD-WAN?’.


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