Transport Sector


Whether you manage a transport fleet or provide customer-facing transport services, Comms365 have connectivity and network solutions suited to your needs.

Here we list our products and services which are commonly used in the transport sector, along with some other relevant resources.

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Transport Services

4G Services

M2M connectivity and portable internet solutions that travel with you

Our 4G fixed IP SIMs, available on EE, O2, Three and Vodafone, can provide internet access in almost any location across the UK.  This makes 4G solutions ideal for providing portable internet connectivity for employees.  We also have a range of 4G routers available and can pre-configure your router and SIM, so all you need to do is plug it into a power source and connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

In addition, our 4G fixed IP SIMs are also ideal for M2M purposes such as connecting digital signage, ticketing and EPoS machines.  Learn more about our 4G Services here.

IoT Solutions

Improve efficiency and reduce loss with cutting-edge IoT solutions

As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors monitors a range of variables to relay data back to our IoT platform that can provide analytics and alerts.  Our SMART Distribution Solution is designed with warehouses in mind, providing solutions for inventory management, security and environment monitoring to increase efficiency and mitigate loss.

We can also work with you to develop a custom IoT solution designed for your specific requirements.

You can read more about our IoT Solutions here.


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Transport Testimonial

Level 3

Comms365 enables Level 3 to offer advanced mobile data and IPSLA solutions to their Transport customers

Partnering with Comms365 enabled Level 3 to offer their customers next generation managed primary and backup mobile data services across EE, Three and Vodafone, further enhancing their own next generation global MPLS network.

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Other Resources

Service Model and PoC Kit Solution for Accessible IoT

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[…] Whereas solutions currently on the market provide parts of what is needed for the successful deployment of IoT applications, this offering is an end-to-end solution that means that businesses do not require any additional technology, allowing the end user to test IoT for real in several application areas to determine the validity of their business case. […]

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Comms365 Looks at the Missing Piece of the Smart City Puzzle

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[…] There is no doubt that a good number of cities that have rolled out smart projects are already realising tangible benefits. India’s 100 Smart Cities’ goal is a great example of where the technology has been rolled out widely and quickly with cities like Chennai successfully using smart, integrated IoT solutions to tackle traffic congestion issues. […]

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IoT and Pollution: A breath of fresh air

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In light of the recent debate surrounding climate change, the topic of air pollution is increasingly becoming a major concern for many cities around the world. And with research from the World Health Organisation revealing that 91% of the world’s population live in places where air quality exceeds WHO guidelines, cleaning up these pollutants is becoming even more challenging. Although Europe saw a decrease in emissions of air pollutants by more than 2.5% in 2018, concentration still remains high. It is therefore necessary to measure air quality and keep it under control; something the Internet of Things (IoT) is already helping with.

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