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Comms365’s 4G Fixed IP SIMs provide superfast, data only Internet connectivity using 4G mobile technology.

Our SIMs are different because we never slow your connection down, meaning you always get the maximum speed that is available to your device.

Available on EE, O2, Three, Vodafone and Multi-Network, our SIMs have static Public or Private IP addresses so you can easily access and control your devices remotely.

As an LIR (Local Internet Registry), the IP addresses all belong to and are controlled by Comms365, providing you with the comfort that they will remain the same throughout your contract term.  Comms365 SIM services also have DD0S protection as standard.


We also offer no fewer than three Multi-network SIM solutions (each with unique services and benefits) which enable unsteered, seamless roaming across over 400+ operators across the world including all 4 UK network providers and approximately 90 operators within EU28 countries.  Some providers are referring to this type of SIM as an eSIM.  Whilst not a 100% accurate description, it offers some providers a way of differentiating against traditional single operator SIMs.

An eSIM (or eUICC to use its technical abbreviation) is a new technology, yet to be fully embraced due to a lack of comatible hardware, but until then our Multi-Network SIMs offer users similar operational functionality in various form factors (either plastic SIM or embedded chip based SIM).  We are extremely confident in all our SIMs and our network capabilities and can offer flexible trials to ensure customers needs are met.

Fixed Public or Private IP addresses are available with a range of data packages.  Our Multi-Network SIMs do not have a home network, which means they will automatically attach to the strongest available signal.  Our advanced CommsPortal will allow you to manually swap mobile operators at a network level rather than having to programme your end device or you can just let the SIM do the automatic network selection.  You will also receive alerts and access to our CommsPortal management platform so you can monitor and control your data usage.

Fixed Public IPs are available either as NAT or no-NAT depending on requirements.

Security: Our latest “e2” Multinetwork SIM offers additonal optional security features such as Botnet disruption, Malware scanning and prevention, Phishing prevention and Real-time malicious traffic monitoring.  Optional Application Filtering is also possible, ensuring that your 4G connection is only being used for its purpose.


For more information please download a copy of the Global Multi-Networks Product Sheet


Comms365’s 4G Fixed IP SIMs can be used for:

  • Primary Internet Connectivity – Comms365’s 4G Fixed IP SIMs can be used in a 4G Router to provide the primary means of Internet connection for businesses who do not have access to a fixed line service.
  • Pre-Ethernet – Maximise uptime by utilising a 4G connection whilst you wait for your fixed line service to be connected. Your 4G connection is delivered over the same network infrastructure as your Fixed Line.
  • Failover – Comms365’s 4G Fixed IP SIMs can provide resilience as a backup should your primary connection fail.
  • Bonded Internet – Multiple connections, including 4G, can be bonded together to provide a faster and more reliable Internet connection.
  • M2M/IoT – Our SIMs are widely used for Machine2Machine purposes in sectors such as
    Renewable Energy, Retail, Transport, Construction, CCTV and Security with data starting a 1MB per month
  • Rental – For short-term requirements, our 4G Fixed IP SIMs are available on a rental basis.


Sectors using our 4G Fixed IP SIMs:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Retail and Pop-up Shops (EPOS and back-up)
  • Offices (Failover and back-up)
  • Healthcare and Telehealth
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Construction
  • Security and CCTV
  • Remote Monitoring

For more information please download a copy of our 4G Services Sheet