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Comms365’s Mega Fixed IP 4G/5G Data SIM bundles provide fast, data only Internet connectivity using 4G/5G mobile technology.  Available on the Three network with 500GB or 1TB of available data per month and on the Vodafone and O2 networks with 300GB per month, these SIMs are perfect for businesses who require high levels of data use for their primary internet connection or failover.

Supplied with all the equipment you need, including a fixed IP address so that you can easily access the SIM remotely or securely connect to your company network and they all include QoS and DDoS protection as standard.


Comms365’s Mega 4G/5G Data SIM Bundles are typically used for:

  • Pre-Ethernet solutions
  • Streaming HD CCTV
  • Rural business primary internet connectivity
  • Back-up to existing ADSL/FTTC/Ethernet
  • Smaller construction sites


Our Mega 4G/5G Data SIM Bundles include:

  • 300, 500GB or 1TB of data usage per month
  • Comms365 4G/5G router to house the SIM
  • Comms365 SD-ONE appliance to provide:
    • Fixed IP address
    • QoS (Quality of Service)
    • DDoS Protection
  • Configuration included
  • CommsPortal access to monitor data usage

For customers in EE5G areas, we have a Fixed IP Solution with 150GB per month data available.

If you wish to purchase a Mega 4G/5G Data bundles or talk about our 5G service then contact us to discuss your requirements.