Comms365 Fixed Site Bonded InternetBONDED INTERNET


Fixed-Site Bonded Internet is designed as a solution for businesses who require a higher performance and more resilient Internet connection.

Utilising our class-leading bonding technology, up to three fixed line and/or 4G connections can be aggregated together to instantly provide a faster and more reliable connection.

Quality of Service is available as standard, enabling you to select and prioritise specific traffic types over the network, which is particularly useful for critical applications like VoIP and Unified Communications.


Comms365’s SD-ONE Fixed-Site Bonded Internet:

  • Optimises performance for sites with poor connectivity
  • Provides resilience to your Internet connection
  • Enables you to prioritise network traffic via QoS
  • For accessing Cloud services from the Internet without interruption
  • Is network agnostic, providing best performance from 3rd party Internet connections
  • Delivered from a carrier grade Core Network

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