Cloud Protect

Cloud Security With Cloud Protect

A new family of Cloud Resiliency Solutions (incorporating Prism, Continuum and EthAssure)

Prism SoHo – ADSL or FTTC Failover to 3G or 4G, has been created to provide your business with resilient connectivity services.

Given the exponential uptake of ‘Cloud based‘ services within organisations of all sizes, many companies are unaware of the increased risk to their data if they have an outage and can’t access mission critical services.

The last 5 years has seen a universal downward trend in the cost of basic Internet Access services, driven predominantly from a consumer focus.  This ‘almost free’ Internet mentality has encouraged many businesses to use cost as the sole determining factor in their choice of business communications.  This, without doubt, will place some businesses in the precarious position of having no way of accessing core services if there is no form of resiliency in place. It is important to ensure all data is protected with cloud security.

By adding a mobile data connection, utilising either 3G or 4G mobile networks, it’s possible to give your business true diverse resiliency should your fixed line connection fail.

Combinations of ADSL plus 3G or 4G Failover and FTTC plus 4G Failover are available, which can improve your up-time and reduce the cost of down-time.

Even better, this service can be configured so that both primary and failover connections use the same IP addresses. For larger deployments, Prism SD-WAN can be deployed as a secure private multi-site VPN.

If your Internet fails, your business doesn’t have to – CloudProtect will keep you going.

Prism SoHo in action:

CloudProtect Image

What is delivered as part of the service:

1 x ADSL or FTTC Connection that is used as the primary service (This is delivered with a Fixed IP as standard)

1 x 3G or 4G SIM that is used as the Backup / Failover service (This will be delivered with the same Fixed IP as the primary service which is great if you have mail-servers, remote users and cloud protection services that require a fixed IP)

The cloud protection service is offered as a Wires-only option (which means you provide the router and set it up) and also as a Managed Service whereby we provide the router, configure it and manage it for the term of the contract.


Cloud Protect Prism SoHo prices start at just £35.00 per month for a resilient ADSL / 4G CloudProtect service

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