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4G Fixed IP SIMs

Comms365 4G Fixed IP SIM solutions are available with a Public IP on all the UK networks, including: Three, EE, Vodafone and O2. A wide range of bundled data packages and tariffs are available to suit your requirements including Static IP 4G SIM packages. (Fixed Private IP SIMs are also available) – Please note, we also do 2G/GPRS SIMs for low bandwidth/low data M2M/IoT Services – Click here for more details

Please note, these are not Voice SIMs, they are Data SIMs.

Same day delivery is possible to fulfill an immediate requirement.

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Points to note when selecting a Mobile Data SIM Provider:

  • Does the provider have their own network?  If the provider has a network, they should have the ability to offer a range of services over the SIM (such as a Fixed Public or Private IP, Internet Access, Multiple IPs, MPLS Wide Area Network services, Flexible routing)
  • SIMs purchased directly from the mobile operators do not have a Fixed IP address.
  • Do you need a Fixed IP?
  • Do you want the ability to combine the SIM with an ADSL, FTTC or Ethernet service and have the same IP range?  Would the ability to fail over between SIMs from different networks, yet retain the same IP be of use?

Comms365 is a network provider itself, with full MPLS network capabilities and can offer all of the above.



Currently available on EE, Three, Vodafone and O2, and is a more efficient technology delivering enhanced telecoms in terms of quality and speed. Comms365 4G is the next generation of mobile data solutions. Combining the 4G capabilities of the mobile operators with the functionality of Comms365’s core network, remote access to devices and sites is faster and more robust than ever.

Multi-net SIMs:

These SIMs allow UK Data Roaming.  We are able to offer a Single SIM solution that will roam between the four mobile operators in the UK, thus ensuring a consistant service.  These are often referred to as AnyNet, UK Roaming, Open Roaming SIMs.  Many solutions on the UK market utilise foreign operator SIMs and while these are most likely adequate for very low data volumes, they are extremely expensive if higher data is required.  Our Multi-net SIMs are different in that they utilise the Telefonica / O2 network and our UK interconnects and we have options available that include high data tariffs.

Interconnects & APNs:

Comms365 has multiple diverse points of interconnect with all the UK mobile operators within its own network and using a selection of different APNs (Access Point Names), Comms365 can provide the best continuous service possible from mobile technology on 4G.


By having a Fixed IP on the SIM, devices are able to be controlled and accessed remotely. You know that the device will always have the same IP address and management becomes much more straightforward.  Our Services Management Platform, CommsPortal, allows users to view granular data usage from each and every SIM on their estate, compare usage between months, run reports and manage the life-cycle of each SIM. Users are even able to see how their SIM interacts with our network including authentication records.

Routers and Hardware:

We stock a wide range of enterprise level routers if you require them, including a configuration service to ensure that everything is set up correctly when it arrives with you.  These have been extensively tested on our network to ensure compatibility.

Additional Services:

4G can be combined with other Comms365 services including Continuum Bonded, ADSL, FTTC and Managed Services to create robust enterprise solutions, which have increased throughput, are resilient and have failover capability.

Where are Fixed IP SIMs used:

They can be widely used across many sectors, including:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Retail and pop-up shops (EPOS / Backup)
  • Offices (Main Internet Access Backup)
  • Healthcare / Telehealth
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Construction
  • Security and CCTV
  • Remote Monitoring

Additional Features and Information:

Comms365 SIMs are not throttled or traffic shaped, unlike many ‘off the shelf’ consumer based SIMs, which have active traffic management, therefore whether you want 1MB or 128GB, you will always get the maximum speed that is available to your device.  This is extremely important if you are using mobile data for any VPNs, Citrix, IP Voice or CCTV where a more constant data flow is required.

Comms365 SIMs have no upper limit, so you won’t find them cutting off when the monthly data allowance has been reached, instead you will be notified by email so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want the SIM suspending or remaining active.  Data usage can be viewed at any time during the month to give an additional layer of usage control.


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All Operator SIMs

Available on ALL UK Operators:

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