Fixed Line Business


Fixed Line for Business

We have a range of Fixed Line services on offer to suit your requirements. We can provision exactly what you need. Call to discuss your requirements for Fixed Lines For Businesses on 01234 865880


This is a  Business Grade ADSL product.  It is suitable for all businesses requiring a cost effective, fixed line services connection.
Three levels of use are available: Low  (50GB), Medium (100GB) and Unlimited.

Our ADSL network has only business traffic running on it and is uncontended at the core.  It is available in all exchanges that have been upgraded to BT’s 21C Network.

ADSL2+ has speeds up to 21Mb (down) and 1Mb (up) – Speeds are dependent on the distance from the exchange and the quality of the copped feeding the premises.


This is a Business Grade Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) product. This is available where the exchange has enabled it – we will be able to tell you straight away if FTTC is available in your location.

Two levels of use are available: 100GB and Unlimited

FTTC can reach speeds up 80Mb (down) and 20Mb (up), but this fixed line for business is location dependent in the same way as ADSL 2+.


This is an Enterprise Grade solution, which can be delivered nationwide, however it is subject to carrier availability. Ethernet services are used to deliver Internet Access in a symmetrical way; same speed up and down, using a dedicated and uncontended line to the premises, which provides guaranteed throughput.  There is no throttling of download limit on this product.

Ethernet can be supplied in speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb. Comms365 has multiple interconnects with the main carriers on which to deliver these services.

Available both nationally and internationally.

All services are delivered via the Comms365 core network.

Installation of the routers at the customer site can be done by Comms365 engineers if required as part of the service.

Ethernet services can be delivered as both unmanaged and managed fixed line for business service.

Point to Point

This is essentially an Ethernet service between two customer sites. Generally Internet access is not delivered by us on this service, except if the P2P is part of a network that does have internet access.

The main benefits of this type of service are for when you want to pass data between sites and don’t want to do it over the internet, or you need guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth between sites. It is a physical version of a site to site VPN and is totally secure.


The Ethernet-in-the-First Mile service is able to deliver a reliable, high speed Internet connection to your business at a relatively low cost.

Services vary, but typically 10Mb (up and down) can be delivered on 2 copper lines and 20Mb on 4 copper lines (exact speeds can be given when a quote is requested).

EFM could be added into a bonded solution if required, with variable SLAs.


Multiprotocol Layer Switching Wide Area Network

If you require more advanced communications, Comms365’s MPLS core network enables solutions to be designed incorporating any of the fixed line services and mobile data solutions that we offer and can build them into an MPLS network on behalf of our customers.

We can implement Quality of Service (QoS) into the MPLS solutions.