LPWAN IoT solutions such as LoRaWAN® are suitable for deployments that require small packets of data from multiple low power sensors/devices to be relayed many times in succession, stored and analysed to provide insight for action to be taken by your Facilities Management Team.

Comms365 has partnered and invested in Everynet in order to deliver outstanding IoT solutions. Everynet is the leading innovator of LoRaWAN® technology and builds, manages and supplies LoRaWAN® networks. Comms365 offers a full LoRaWAN® Gateway Installation service which includes Site Survey, Report and Installation by one of our trained engineers to enable your IoT solution. Low-packet data from intelligent sensors is fed back to the Gateway to provide the data analytics and alerts for your IoT solution.


Comms365 Low-Power Wide-Area Networks can:

  • Provide a cost-effective and optimised solution for your IoT deployment


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