IoT – What is it all about and is there really an opportunity?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolution in IT infrastructure, connecting physical devices that relay valuable data back to other devices (machine to machine), cloud-based applications, and ultimately to decision makers.

A ‘Real World’ IoT solution is end-to-end, including sensors, intelligent gateways, network back-haul, application development, analytics, enhanced dashboards, alerting and professional services.  These solutions deliver successful business outcomes, including operational efficiency and revenue generation.

So who’s deploying?

Sectors that are already benefiting from IoT solutions include manufacturing, healthcare, energy management, transportation, agriculture, Smart Design Cities and many others.

Is it easy?

The challenge to businesses looking to adopt IoT within their organisations is where to start and what order to do it. For instance, a plethora of connectivity options is available, from traditional fixed line services, cellular, satellite, Bluetooth and Zigbee, through to market challenging LPWAN (Low Powered WAN) technology such as LoRaWAN.  Secondly, what do you attach to these networks, thirdly, what do you actually want to achieve?  In fact, the order of these is completely wrong.

Businesses should first establish what the requirement is ( or is there actually a requirement for IoT).  At that point the business needs to understand what they want to achieve from deploying IoT.  It then needs to have full buy-in from the stakeholders that a roll-out is the best way forward.

Once the goals have been established, the process moves on to how to achieve it.  There is no single solution to IoT.  In fact within a single IoT deployment, several different technologies could be combined to create a single network solution.  Cellular, for example may be suitable if large amounts of data need to be passed back to the central location where no fixed communications exist, Low Powered options such as LoRaWAN might be suitable for deployments that only require small packets of data to be collected (or where assets may be in the field for many years in a passive state), bonded services might be used to backhaul significant amounts of collected data to the main hub and so on.  You may even require some satellite services to fill in gaps where it is economically or physically impossible to deploy other technology.

Sounds complicated, so much choice.  Is it for us?

Picking a partner who can offer a full range of solutions across many technologies, but bring the data back securely over one network is a challenge, but one where Comms365 sits firmly within.

Comms365 has partnered with industry leading IoT managed solution providers to integrate advanced IoT connectivity options into a single end to end platform and network.  Partners include Everynet, a pioneer and leader in the LPWAN space.  Comms365 and Everynet are working together to deploy LoRaWAN Gateways and sensors, with a view to connecting a million devices.  Comms365 is Everynet’s UK go to market channel.


Click here for more information regarding our work with Everynet.


B&B Advantech and Comms365 have been working for many years on cellular IoT / M2M deployments.

Comms365 offers the full range of B&B Smartworx solutions and has integrated their IoT sensors into CommsPortal thus creating a turnkey solution for a number of applications.

Please follow this link to find out more about our exciting work with B&B

Real World IoT – it is happening and many organisations are benefiting from their deployments both financially and operationally.


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