Managed Services Flash



The key to our business is our Managed Service capability.

Our ability to provision, configure, test, deploy and manage the key deliverables of each solution gives us a foundation on which to become an integral  part of our Customers’ businesses as a Managed Services Provider.

Available on the following products: Cloud Protect family solutions including Continuum, Prism (SoHo, IA and SD-WAN) and all Fixed Line services.

Our Managed Solutions are designed for you and incorporate various services including:

  • Active/passive monitoring
  • Configuration
  • Break/Fix
  • UK Support team of engineers
  • Access to monitoring systems

By taking a Managed Solution from Comms365, you can be confident that your business is being provided with an enhanced service designed to keep your business communications in peak condition.

The less you need to contact us, the better we are judged as a Managed Services Provider. Our managed solutions delivery is something that all our support staff are measured against.

The managed solutions team has their performance checked based upon the time it takes to resolve any query, thereby encouraging a speedy resolution.