Resilience - Failover



As we are a full LIR (Local Internet Registry) and a network service provider; owning and operating our network, including all servers, routers and switches, we can offer a unique service that enables a user to take two 4G SIMs from different operators and run them in the same router on an active / passive basis with the same IP address.

When the primary SIM on one mobile network fails, gets congested or the signal is lost, our network will allow that SIM’s connection to failover automatically to the secondary SIM, which will be on another network. Not only that, the secondary network connection will retain the same IP address as the primary connection, meaning there is no re-programming required on behalf of the end user, whether it’s being used for email servers, web servers, corporate access, or monitoring. This solution is available with both Fixed Public and Fixed Private SIMs across all our 4G mobile networks.

This is an ideal backup solution for companies and users who have to maximise uptime and minimise administration of their connections.

A suitable dual SIM enterprise grade router is required. Comms365 has a range of devices that will work on this basis and also offers a configuration service that will make purchasing and running the solution very simple.

For businesses that want even more resilience from a single device, we can place up to 4 different operator SIMs into one device and have them all working together to maintain a stable connection.  This solution utilises one of our high end enterprise dual radio 4G appliances.

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