What is SD-ONE?

SD-ONE is a unique, ground breaking solution from Comms365. Designed for simplicity, ease of deployment and armed with a rich set of powerful technical features and capabilities. SD-ONE is proving to be the de facto choice to address customer private network challenges.

As one of the fastest growing SD-WAN service providers, with hundreds of sites already deployed both in the UK and internationally, Comms365 is blazing a trail to deliver cost effective, functionally rich private WAN solutions.  No longer do customers have to wait months for sites to be brought live, SD-One can deliver connectivity in days, not only shortening the time to go live, but reducing the overall cost of bringing a site into operation.

Delivery in Days

Simple to use Orchestrator (Control you whole estate)

Can bond multiple carrier connections (ADSL / FTTC / Ethernet / 4G)

Site to site QoS (Quality of Service) as Standard (Even over 4G)

Add bonded connections as you require

Fully Managed Service

Switch sites on or off in one click

Removes common multi-site Firewall VPN issues

Highly Secure (hashed based services and AES 256, with Cryptography that changes every 60 minutes by default)

Can fully overlay existing connectivity

Tunnel Bypass feature enables a bandwidth split between critical application traffic (VoIP, CRM, etc.) via the QoS-enabled tunnel and non-critical traffic (http/https) via local site internet breakout.



Fully managed by Comms365, SD-ONE delivers huge benefits to customers with high levels of technical support, increasing customer satisfaction. Powered by class-leading bonding and SDN technology, SD-ONE is carrier grade, network agnostic and incorporates unique Quality of Service functionality that can be delivered over any ISP connection, including 4G.

Software based, SD-ONE is continually adding advanced features to keep ahead of market demands for high quality networking solutions that scale. Competitively priced, this is a very comprehensive solution that you can rely on to deliver!



The packages:


Package 1 –

Pre-Ethernet (Utilise whilst you wait for long lead time Ethernet circuits), Multi-link failover and Static IP delivery on any 4G SIMs.

Package 2 – 

All features in package 1 plus, Aggregated Bonding with QoS on any ISP connections.

Package 3 –

All features in packages 1 and 2 plus Encrypted Private WAN for multiple site deployments.


What is included?


We listened to the common challenges faced by business today.


SD-ONE addresses fundamental challenges such as:

Late Ethernet delivery (Pre-Ethernet) – we all have experienced what it’s like to have a delay on an Ethernet install.  You have a deadline for the site to be up and running, and your connectivity provider is involved in extended negotiations with the carrier and local fibre delivery organisation to prioritise the case, which is going nowhere. Promises can’t or won’t be kept, and you find yourself in a fix. SD-ONE is the solution for this problem.

Utilising our class-leading bonding technology, multiple broadband and/or 4G connections can be aggregated together to provide instant and fast connectivity to the site.  After the fibre goes in, SD-ONE can remain in place as a multilink failover solution.

Private Network (SD-WAN) – you have a multi-site branch network and are looking for a high performance, cost-effective private network solution that scales to meet the ever increasing demand for cloud-based services such as Office365, Unified Communications and CRM. Trouble is, you are already in contract to multiple ISPs for broadband services at each site, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to create this network without a significant hardware refresh and new connectivity services.

SD-ONE can create a private network overlay service using any carrier or ISP connectivity, including 4G. Utilising aggregated bonding and the QoS features, your mission-critical traffic can be prioritised over a single high performance virtual pipe, and sites are managed effortlessly ‘on the fly’ via a simple to use central console, increasing customer satisfaction.

The SD-One Appliance




Packages 1&2



SD-WAN (Package 3)


Simple to use Graphical Interface and Orchestrator via CommsPortal


To take advantage of this unique SD-ONE opportunity, contact us now and get started today.