SD-WAN – Real time, secure and cost effective application control to simplify your remote site networks

The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is used to connect your branch offices and datacentres no matter where they are around the world. This highly secure, ‘cloud-based’ approach to private wide area networking solutions is a more flexible and scalable option than utilising more expensive WAN technologies.

The SD-WAN solution typically bonds together multiple commodity broadband internet access services from diverse carriers into a single private, high performance virtual circuit, which provides a high quality service at a much lower cost. The aim of the software defined approach is to make WAN additions, moves and changes instant and less complex. With the control, reliability and performance guaranteed by the SD-WAN, this new networking trend is taking off around the world with many carriers adopting the technology.

What Is SD-WAN?

  • SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a radical new way to design, deploy and support a WAN.
  • Configuration of the service is provided by network administrators in a business environment rather than an engineer in a carrier environment.
  • Edge and core devices automatically route traffic from the customer edge based on application and availability over multiple links.
  • Customer sites become application aware, to enhance the customer experience of the Cloud.
  • The main drivers to deploy a SD-WAN are to speed up implementation, lower WAN costs whilst still providing the equivalent functionality of an MPLS private network, enable the deployment of multiple carrier circuits (less dependence on a single provider), include 4G technology and most importantly bring control of the WAN back in house.

Features Of The Comms365 SD-WAN (SD-One)

There are a number of advantages to using SD-WAN over a legacy IP VPN system. If your company is:

  • looking to  renew your WAN contract or look for operational efficiencies.
  • operating in multiple remote sites, and/or planning to add new ones cost-effectively
  • rolling out unified communications, Office 365 or other cloud-based services then you may want to consider an SD-WAN solution.

In addition, SD-WAN offers a fully configurable and manageable network interface for IT administrators, so if there are any network problems that arise throughout the lifecycle of the WAN, configuration changes can be implemented immediately. On top of this, as new features are introduced, an SD-WAN system can be updated accordingly through software without having to change hardware platform.


Example Of A Comms365 SD-One Network



Comms365 SD-One Examples

  • If you are a service provider and already have a MPLS core network, we can enable you to create stand-alone SD-WAN customer networks, or overlay SD-WAN services to existing network sites.
  • If you don’t have an MPLS core network, you can use ours to deliver SD-WAN services to all your sites.
  • If you have an existing MPLS network and want to use SD-WAN for cost-effective expansion, we can route this traffic to your existing network at your datacentre rack.


Why Choose A Comms365 SD-One Solution?

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – A Simple cost model that includes all current and future feature releases.
  • Our Scaleable Core Network is able to operate and support thousands of SD-One sites.
  • We provide Fixed line and Mobile connectivity options to the SD-WAN if required (But we don’t insist you use our connectivity).
  • In-house technical design and support capability.
  • Technology agnostic – we deliver a solution that fits your requirements.

Choosing a software-defined wide area network not only aggregates private circuits whilst offering one of the most secure internet VPNs available, it offers application-aware control and enhancement, resulting in better performance for the user. With the wide geographical range of branches or datacentres being interconnected, you will see an increase in productivity. The SD-WAN is the next evolution in virtual private networking and offers private multi site connectivity at a lower cost, while maintaining a secure and robust networking connection.


Channel / Partner Options:


Why Choose SD-One for the Channel?

If you’re looking to grab market share with an award winning private networking solution for your business customers, that is easy to operate, increases performance, reliability, adding value, then SD-One is the perfect choice.

Channel Benefits

  • Enterprise technology for SME / Corporate
  • Cross selling opportunities
  • White label options
  • Offer WAN as a Service
  • New revenue streams

SD-One Portal Features

  • Manage site connections
  • Performance per connection
  • View total estate
  • Drill into site view
  • 4G Failover features

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