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SD-ONE is a unique, ground breaking solution to the channel from Comms365. Designed for simplicity, ease of deployment and armed with a rich set of powerful technical features and capabilities.

Rental Solutions

We have a range of short-term Super-fast 4G Internet Access rental solutions, providing rapid response connectivity when you need it!

IoT - The Internet of Things

So what exactly is IoT? Comms365 cuts through the hype and delivers true end to end solutions

What makes us different?

It is simple, our Service.  As a proactive Managed Solutions Provider, we base our whole business on our ability to support our customers.  We do not believe that any other MSP can offer the level of commitment that we do and we offer a simple message – try us and see what you have been missing.

Our award winning Fixed IP SIM solutions are helping thousands of businesses of all sizes implement effective remote monitoring, M2M and IoT services. Our new LoRaWAN IoT solutions bring the Internet of Things to (Real) life.

Our advanced SD-WAN technology enables us to build solutions (based across all technologies) to enable rapid deployment of secure multi-site networks – significantly reducing the time usually associated with complex roll-outs of traditional MPLS networks.

We are one of the few network operators with a fully Cisco based core network that is interconnected to all the UK mobile operators and a wide range of fixed line carriers. This ensures that our solution based propositions are both competitive and flexible, but more importantly tailored to your exact business requirements.

We don’t dictate to you – you have a set of needs and we have an extensive toolkit from which to build you a flexible long term solution. Let’s work together!

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What do you need?

Rapid Deployment

Connectivity can be delivered where you need it and rapidly deployed when you need it.

Multi-site Secure WAN

SD-WAN technology overlaying commodity based Internet connectivity = Cost reduction

Business Continuity

An innovative Fixed IP SIM 4G data failover that automatically kicks in should a primary connection fail. No downtime and no loss of business!

Internet of Things Advice

We would love to talk to you about your projects and give our advice for a successful deployment

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3G Routers

Portable, tough and reliable, 3G routers are perfect for M2M equipment monitoring.


4G Routers

4G LTE routers are ideal for business broadband use where no fixed Line services are available.


Antennae & Accessories

Antennae, portable battery solutions, vehicle power adapters and cables.



Fixed IP SIM cards

Fixed IP SIM cards are an invaluable way of keeping your company and its assets connected. Whether you’re in the UK, the EU, America or anywhere else, a fixed IP data SIM will ensure that you have a fast, reliable and above all secure connection. That’s why our fixed IP data SIMs (available with Public or Private IPs) are the first choice for businesses that depend on reliable connectivity for their M2M devices, Internet Access and Backup services. read more »

Get a Secure Connection with a Fixed IP Data SIM

An IP address is something that you will have heard of many times, but you may be unsure as to what it actually does. Your IP address serves two purposes – letting your network know who (or what) you are, and letting the network know where you are (routing). This IP address can either be static (fixed), or more commonly, dynamic. Dynamic IP addresses are assigned on a temporary basis, and can change every time you connect to the internet – static IP addresses, on the other hand, always remain the same. For a basic home network dynamic IPs are usually enough, but if you’re looking for something more robust, secure and reliable, a fixed IP address offers a whole host of advantages.

Our fixed IP SIM cards allow your devices to make use of this static IP address. These fixed IP data SIMs can allow your corporate network to recognise (and instantly authenticate) your device, wherever you are in the world. This means that your fixed IP data SIM allows you to bypass authentication problems when connecting to your work network off-site. Since any data packets you send through your fixed IP SIMs are instantly far more secure than if you were to use a dynamic IP, connecting to your network, becomes incredibly simple too.

Stay Connected with Fixed IP SIMs

Staying connected is integral to business in the modern era, and our Fixed IP SIMs have a plethora of uses, from keeping you connected to the Internet if your main broadband goes down to providing remote connectivity and management to wind turbines. We even have fixed IP SIMs that work on an open roaming basis, so you’re not tied to a single network provider, simply connecting to whichever signal is the strongest at the time. Mobile networks may go down from time to time – so we have solutions that can utilise two or more SIMs from different providers and automatically switch between them should this occur. Our 4G fixed IP SIMs allow you to make the most of a high speed 4G connection wherever there is one, with all of the data security that comes with a static IP address and our Bonded 4G service offers secure resilient super-fast Internet connectivity wherever you are.

High speed 4G fixed IP SIMs aren’t just ideal for people who require fast Internet access – they offer the same advantages to people who need to stay connected to the other terminals on their network. These fixed IP data SIMs are ideal for anyone working with EPoS and secure wireless payment terminals to vehicle tracking and remote access to things like IP CCTV cameras. These 4G fixed IP SIMs simply give you the power and flexibility set up a secure connection, to stay connected and transfer data at the 4G speeds we’re all becoming used to.

If you have any questions about how fixed IP SIM cards can help your business stay connected, please feel free to contact us on 01234 865880. A member of our friendly expert team will be more than happy to talk you through everything you need to know, helping you make an informed decision today.