At Comms365, we’ve worked with a number of energy companies over the past ten years.

Whether you’re looking for solutions for Renewable Energy, a temporary connection for construction at the site, M2M Smart Meter solutions or cutting-edge Internet of Things technology, we have a range of services available.

Here we list our products and services which are commonly used in the energy sector, along with some case studies and other relevant resources. 

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Energy Testimonials

Brighter Green Engineering

4G Services for renewable energy remote monitoring

“We approached Comms365 to provide 4G connectivity for the remote monitoring (SCADA and CCTV) for our solar farms, and they have been a pleasure to work with.

We chose Comms365 because they met our technical requirements and were able to provide a flexible solution using aggregated data packages across the whole portfolio. The support we have received has been excellent and responsive to the various situations faced on a daily basis.  The CommsPortal in particular is useful for monitoring our 4G data usage.

I’d recommend Comms365 to others in the renewable energy sector because they are reliable and understand the connectivity challenges for renewable energy sites.”

Project Manager, Brighter Green Engineering

Silverstone Green Energy

Remote monitoring of solar farms 4G testimonial

“Comms365 provided us with 4G connectivity for remote monitoring for several solar farms.

It’s been great working with Comms365 because they are easy to contact and provide prior informative information on network issues in the area.

We have found Comms365’s services to be very competitively priced and very consistent service. I would recommend Comms365 to others who need remote access on solar farms.”

Testimonial, Silverstone Green Energy

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Energy Services

4G Services

Connectivity in remote locations for monitoring and internet access

Our 4G fixed IP SIMs are perfect for Machine 2 Machine (M2M) purposes such as remote monitoring for renewable energy, CCTV or for use in Smart Meters. A 4G router and SIM solution can also provide an Internet connection for construction workers building a new site, or as a portable connectivity solution for travelling site engineers. To make things easier, we can pre-configure your router and SIM so all you need to do is plug it in and connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

We offer a range of tariffs, contract lengths and aggregated data packages, as well as rental options. Read more about our 4G Services here or check out the testimonials and blog posts below!

Bonded Internet

Improve Internet performance by combining multiple connections

Bonding connections from multiple network providers provides improved performance and resilience. A fixed-site bonded solution like SD-ONE bonds up to three connections and can be useful for supporting remote monitoring at rural renewable energy sites which rely on 4G and 5G connectivity. Our portable bonded Internet solution is ideal for supporting construction sites of all sizes for new power plants and renewable energy builds.

Read more about our bonded Internet solutions here!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Improve efficiency and establish trends with cutting-edge IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices. Sensors monitor a range of variables and relay data back to our IoT platform that can provide analytics and alerts.

In the energy sector, an IoT solution can be used to measure energy generation, energy use, for predictive maintenance and numerous other variables.

Find out more about our IoT Solutions and how they can benefit you here.

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Other Resources

SD-ONE Always-On Internet Service Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our Always-on Internet connectivity service, SD-ONE. Build in Failover, Bonding and SD-WAN for maximum uptime and improved productivity. Simple to use and equipped with a set of powerful technical features and capabilities to add resilience and control to your business network.

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Quick and Easy Connectivity for Renewable Energy Projects

4G Internet connectivity has applications at almost every stage of a renewable energy project, but what makes 4G more effective than other solutions? This blog post sets out the key reasons why 4G Internet connectivity leads the way for renewable energy sites compared with other connectivity methods. […]

Comms365: Your Experts in 4G for Renewable Energy Projects

A 4G connection solves challenges at each stage of a renewable energy project by providing quick and easy internet connectivity. At Comms365, we’re experts in 4G Internet connectivity and services. We’ve worked with a range of renewable energy companies, providing connectivity during the construction stage, remote monitoring and on-site communications for wind, solar and hydro power sites. […]

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