4G/5G Fixed IP SIMs - Single Operator

4G / 5G Fixed IP SIMs – Single Operator

Our 4G / 5G Fixed Public IP Address SIMs provide 4G/5G Internet connectivity and are available on EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 networks with a range of flexible data packages and tariffs. From low data M2M to large data high speed internet access.

High quality, carrier grade 4G/5G services are fully managed via Comms365’s Core Network and NOC Team and are expertly deployed to our customers for

use cases including: Primary Internet Connection, Pre-Ethernet, Failover, Bonded Internet, M2M / IoT and Short -Term projects. 

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Summary of Features
  • Available on EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 networks
  • No minimum order quantity
  • No traffic shaping
  • Real Private APNs (Access Point Name)
  • Low Cost Data Tariffs (Suitable for M2M / IoT and Primary Internet Access)
  • Flexible Terms
  • Aggregated / Pooled Data available
  • Fixed / Dynamic Public or Private IP
  • Same day dispatch
  • Management Portal (Giving you control)
  • 1MB to 1TB+ per month (No limits)
  • VPN Options (If required)
  • Full UK Support

Our Single Operator SIMs are delivered via our own network that is interconnected directly into the mobile operator networks – EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 networks. This guarantees access to these networks wherever they are available in the UK. As and when the networks roll out new technology, we will incorporate that into our network. 5G capability will be added as it becomes available.

Single Operator or Multi-Network SIM?

The decision whether to opt for Single Operator or Multi-Network is often down to cost. Single operator SIMs tend to cost less once 5GB per month or more is required. However, cost shouldn’t be the only consideration. As we have private APNs with the operators, the data service is managed through the direct interconnects and as a result there are fewer network ‘hops’. Single operator SIMs also have the benefit of always being available on the network of choice, whereas the operator availability on Multi-Network SIMs may vary depending on current carrier agreements.


Our Single Operator SIMs offer unrivalled capability and as a long established network service provider we have the experience to design and deploy technically advanced solutions. We are extremely confident in the performance of all of our SIMs and our network capabilities and can offer flexible trials to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Our SIMs are perfect to use for M2M applications and our M2M SIM Cards start at 1MB per month.


Fixed Public or Private IP addresses are available with a range of data packages. Our advanced CommsPortal puts you in control of your SIM estate. You can also set up and receive alerts based on data usage and use the management platform to monitor and control all your SIMs in one place. In addition, the platform is multi-hierarchy for efficient control of customer and business unit data management.


All of our SIMs come with DDoS protection as standard at no extra cost. And device locking to stop unauthorised use of the SIM is also available.

SIM Types

All SIM types / sizes are available including MFF2 (Chip/eSIM).

Use Cases Include:
  • Primary Internet Connectivity – Comms365’s 4G Fixed IP SIMs can be used in a 4G Router to provide the primary means of Internet connection for businesses who do not have access to a fixed line service.
  • Pre-Ethernet – Maximise uptime by utilising a 4G connection whilst you wait for your fixed line service to be connected. Your 4G connection is delivered over the same network infrastructure as your Fixed Line.
  • Failover – Comms365’s 4G Fixed IP SIMs can provide resilience as a backup should your primary connection fail.
  • Bonded Internet – Multiple connections, including 4G, can be bonded together to provide a faster and more reliable Internet connection.
  • M2M / IoT – Our SIMs are widely used for Machine2Machine (m2m) purposes in sectors such as Renewable Energy, Retail, Transport, Construction, CCTV and Security.
  • Urgent Comms – For short-term requirements, our 4G Fixed IP SIMs are available on a rental basis.

Sectors using our 4G Fixed IP SIMs:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Retail and Pop-up Shops (EPOS and back-up)
  • Offices (Failover and back-up)
  • Healthcare and Telehealth
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Construction
  • Security and CCTV
  • Remote Monitoring

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