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At Comms365, we’ve been working with construction companies for over 10 years. Whether you’re looking for a simple on-site Internet connection or cutting-edge Internet of Things technology, we have solutions to suit sites of all sizes in any location.

Here we list our products and services which are commonly used in the construction sector, along with some case studies and other relevant resources.

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Construction Case Studies
Morrison utility service logo

Morrisons Utility Services

Continuum Rapid Deployment Internet Access Case Study

“Not only did we need a solution that would work effectively in different environments, but a team who fully understood our requirements. Comms365 ticked all the boxes.”

Graeme Cross, Business Systems Director

mccarthy and stone logo

McCarthy and Stone

Fixed IP Mobile Data Services Case Study

“We have found Comms365 to be responsive in getting the SIMs dispatched and activated, which is most appreciated.”

Eugene Chadaj, IT Hardware Manager

conex banninger logo

Conex Bänninger

SD-WAN Wide Area Networks Case Study

“When compared with the MPLS network we had in place previously, we’ve been able to increase the capacity and reliability of our connections and at the same time reduce the overall cost to the group.”

Andrew Mason, Finance and IT Director at IBP

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Construction Services
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4G/5G Services

Internet access for your construction site from day one.

Often, construction sites don’t have existing fixed line infrastructure, with installation taking weeks or months causing problems for workers and delays to projects. A 4G fixed IP SIM and router solution can provide an Internet connection from day one for 2-10 site workers. We have a range of tariffs and contract lengths, as well as rental options. We can also pre-configure your router and SIM, so all you need to do is plug it in and connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

Read more about our 4G/5G fixed IP SIMs and Rental Solutions, or view our range of 4G and 5G Routers in the online shop. Don’t miss the McCarthy & Stone case study above!

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Bonded Internet

A robust construction site Internet solution to support up to 50 workers.

Our Bonded Internet solution combines multiple 4G/5G connections (or Fixed Line options), to provide improved Internet performance capable of supporting from 10 to 50 or more site workers. Bonding connections from multiple network providers provides resilience should one provider experience an outage. We offer a range of aggregated data packages, purchase and rental options.

Read more about Bonded Internet here.

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Smart Construction IoT Solution

Improve efficiency and safety with cutting-edge IoT solutions

You’ve probably heard about the IoT-Caas and how it is anticipated to improve efficiency and safety in the construction sector.

Our IoT Construction solution monitors a range of measures including energy use, stock levels, asset location and environmental conditions. Data is relayed to an intuitive dashboard to assist in the management and operations of construction sites.

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Other Resources

SD-ONE Always-On Internet Service Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our Always-on Internet connectivity service, SD-ONE. Build in Failover, Bonding and SD-WAN for maximum uptime and improved productivity. Simple to use and equipped with a set of powerful technical features and capabilities to add resilience and control to your business network.

simple guide to construction site internet

The Simple Guide to Construction Site Internet

The Simple Guide to Construction Site Internet contains everything you need to know to get fast, reliable Internet to your site from day one! Learn about your options, the pros and cons of different connectivity options and the essential things you need to consider.

construction site experience

Transform Your Construction Site Internet Experience

It’s a familiar scenario. Your construction project is starting but you’re waiting for fixed line Internet installation which could take weeks or months. In the meantime, you might be making do with a 4G router or dongle, but speeds are slow, it’s not reliable and only a few users can be supported at a time. […]

construction companies solution

Why Top Construction Companies Use This Internet Solution

If you’ve heard of bonded Internet, you’ll know how it can transform your construction site Internet experience. That’s why a number of top construction companies choose us to provide this solution for their construction sites. Having a fast, reliable Internet solution for your construction site increases productivity, provides access to essential information and mitigates against […]

construction site internet connectivity

5 Easy Steps to Improved Construction Site Internet Connectivity

If you work on a construction site, you’ll appreciate the need for a fast, reliable on-site Internet connection. Our Continuum solution provides superfast, resilient connectivity for 50+ users from day one. It’s a fool-proof construction site Internet solution compared with single 4G connections and long lead-time fixed lines, and helps your company meet its business objectives. We set out the five easy steps to using the Continuum solution on your construction site. […]

construction site internet

We Take the Headache Out Of Construction Site Internet

There’s no question that a bonded Internet solution is perfect for construction sites. It’s simple to use, provides connectivity from day one and is faster and more reliable than other solutions. At Comms365 we work with some of Europe’s top construction companies to provide this solution, which helps them meet their business objectives. If your on-site connectivity needs an upgrade, read on to find out how working with us can take the headache out of construction site internet connectivity. […]


How a Fixed IP Mega 4G Bundle Can Benefit Your Business

A 4G connection provides fast Internet connectivity using 4G mobile technology. Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles provide massive amounts of 4G data at highly competitive rates. With a monthly data allowance of 500GB or 1TB, the bundle includes a fixed IP address which makes it easy to securely access the device remotely or connect securely to company networks. […]


Underpinning the construction industry with high quality, reliable internet connectivity

The European construction industry is gradually opening back up after months of lockdown following the recent pandemic. As firms face increasing pressure to get back on track and deliver against rising demand, it’s widely recognised that the construction industry has long suffered a reputation for regularly delivering projects later than expected, and often over-budget. Even though the sector is rebounding post-Covid, the industry remains cautious with furloughed staff, redundancies and supply chain disruptions, meaning that firms will need to do a lot more with fewer resources for the foreseeable future. […]


Digital Evolution of the Construction Ecosystem

Innovations in digital technology are fostering change and unlocking significant potential improvments in operational processes for the construction industry across the globe. At every level, from the conceptual design all the way through to the physical construction and continued upkeep of the building, new digital devices, applications and methodologies are starting to prove their worth. Yet, IT investment within the construction industry has typically lagged far behind other industries, with less than one per cent of revenues being spent on IT compared to more than four per cent being invested by the automotive sector. […]


Construction Connectivity – Getting Back to Basics

Connectivity is a necessity for businesses in virtually every industry and construction is no exception. Crucially, this is still one fundamental hurdle that the industry must overcome if it is to create a solid foundation for all new innovation. Technology that is crucial for the industry to innovate and keep up with demand, cannot function without high speed, portable and reliable Internet connection, but gaining access to connectivity can be a challenge for new sites, particularly those that are located in a Green or Brownfield location where there is typically no existing connection. Often, a fixed line is simply not an option and the reliability of 4G is still patchy, even as talk around the possibilities of 5G continue to dominate the headlines. […]

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