We Take the Headache Out of Construction Site Internet

We Take the Headache Out of Construction Site Internet

There’s no question that a bonded Internet solution is perfect for construction sites. It’s simple to use, provides connectivity from day one and is faster and more reliable than other solutions. At Comms365 we work with some of Europe’s top construction companies to provide this solution, which helps them meet their business objectives

If your on-site connectivity needs an upgrade, read on to find out how working with us can take the headache out of construction site Internet connectivity.

What Makes Comms365’s Continuum Solution Different?
Our Experience and Support

We’ve been working with construction companies for over five years, so we understand the challenges that you face when it comes to construction site Internet connectivity. Our expert Sales Team are experienced in providing solutions for your challenges and pain points and will establish how to get the best performance for your site.

Once the Continuum solution is on site, our Support Team are available 24/7 to help you with any queries or problems.

Continuum’s Performance and Design

Continuum was designed specifically for and in consultation with construction companies. Purpose-built, it’s perfectly suited to the construction site environment and is housed in robust casing suited to the construction site environment. Unlike singular 4G connections, Continuum combines multiple connections to deliver up to 500Mbps.

You can be reassured you’re buying the best by looking at our recent award wins. We’ve won several industry awards and commendations including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards and Best Innovation and Technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.


The Continuum solution has been designed to be incredibly simple to set up and use, meaning you can get construction site connectivity up and running with no hassle and no technical expertise. We offer 4G data packages for the Continuum solution so it is pre-configured and ready to use as soon as it arrives and is plugged in on site.

To ensure optimum performance and consistency, our Support Team will remotely optimise the Continuum to ensure that you are receiving the best balance of speed, throughput and bandwidth.


We offer solutions for all sizes of site office, with Continuum typically supporting 20-50 users. Other 4G Services are available for smaller sites.  Our solution is carrier agnostic, meaning you can use any combination of 4G data providers and any mix of connectivity.

As well as purchase options we have a range of rental solutions to suit all circumstances from flexible short-term requirements to long term solutions. If you need the Continuum for longer than the original rental period, the service can be easily extended.


Continuum is highly secure. Your site traffic is encrypted (AES-256) and routed privately to other sites, a cloud firewall, or an MPLS core, creating a private wide area network environment with enhanced visibility and control of users.

Take the Next Step

We’re a market leader in this technology, providing bonded Internet access to Europe’s largest construction companies including MGroup Services, whose Business Systems Director said:

“Not only did we need a solution that would work effectively in different environments, but a team who fully understood our requirements. Comms365 ticked all the boxes.”

Our award-winning secure solution, Continuum, is a fully portable box of office communications. It doesn’t need to be tuned on-site, so there’s no need for an on-site technician. The equipment is monitored and tuned remotely by our engineers, making it a simple plug and play solution.

We have connectivity solutions for all sizes of site office, with Continuum typically supporting site offices of 20-50 users. Other 4G Services and 4G routers are also available for smaller sites.

Talk to us about your next project. Book a demo , call us on 01234 865880 or email sales@comms365.com.

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