Are you prepared for the upcoming 3G Sunset?

The 3G Sunset is coming

Are you prepared for the upcoming 3G Sunset?

The mobile operators are making headway deploying next generation services and this means they will be retiring some of the older technology over the coming weeks, months and years. This is starting with 3G.

2023 is a landmark year as it will see many operators start to switch off their 3G services. Whilst this won’t happen all at once, the planned rollouts will start to speed up aggressively throughout the year. There will be limited network support on 3G whilst this happen.

Devices that are 4G compatible will continue to work as normal on 4G. Sites currently operating on 3G will, in most cases fall back to 2G if there is no 4G available. It is a good time to plan any device upgrades as the exact dates for switch off are vague.

Vodafone carrier
ee carrier
o2 carrier
three carrier

Vodafone – Work is commencing Jan 23 and it is anticipated that this will be completed by the end of 2023. Different parts of the country will be affected at different times. Therefore National coverage will not be guaranteed from Jan 23.

EE – Like Vodafone, work to retire starts in Jan 23 with an estimate to complete by the end of 2023, so support and coverage will be increasingly limited from now.

O2 – The retirement intent has been announced, but no firm dates have been given at this time.

Three – As per O2, but it is anticipated that the full 3G switch off will be complete by the end of 2024.

Because of these network changes, it is highly recommended that you review any hardware that operates on, or relies on 3G technology to ensure continuation of service. Some hardware, especially more modern devices have modules that will work across a number of technologies, but some older routers and modems may be specifically 3G. These will need to be swapped out in good time.

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