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We’ve been in business for over 12 years. We are proud of our Customer Service and how our innovatory products solve the challenges associated with internet connectivity, networking, IoT infrastructure and technology in today’s working world.

We are delighted to work directly with many end customers, as well as our partners, as it pushes us to develop our business – the products, processes and people and ensures that we provide the best service that we can, every time and all the time.




Solve common problems with our innovative products

We have innovative products and services to solve common problems that your customers face.

Challenges like:

  • Boosting internet performance at under-performing locations with innovative bonding technology.
  • Adding resilience to existing internet connectivity to reduce downtime with 4G failover.
  • Stepping in with a proven pre-Ethernet solution if there are installation delays for fixed lines.





You will have access to our complete portfolio of products



As well as the regular set of connectivity products, let’s discuss how you can create unique business propositions and solutions by combining our carrier grade connectivity with your existing portfolio of products. Superior products providing an improved customer experience. 

Differentiating yourselves in the market.

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You can improve the user experience enjoyed by your customers by having the tools to hand to solve their Internet challenges.  We will provide the training you need to ensure that you fully understand our products to enable you to discuss them confidently with your customers.


Our data management portal can give you the control you need over the whole of your estate to check usage by carrier, set up alerts, receive network communications and also provide a similar experience for your customers.


We offer managed service wraps too, providing a full monitoring service as well as break- fix contracts, depending on your requirements and your customers’ needs. Our helpdesk is based in Milton Keynes and the team will be on hand to assist and support you to ensure your service delivery runs smoothly.



Our Technical Partners



Partner Programme

The Comms365 Partner Programme gives a more detailed overview of how we can work together to enable you to identifiy opportunities, strengthen your existing customer relationships and develop new ways to solve customer challenges. Offering expertise and support in Sales, Marketing, Technical and Commercial processes throughout the whole journey.

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The Ultimate Resellers Guide to Bonded Internet

This Guide provides insights into how you can take advantage of bonded Internet solutions to differentiate your company from the competition, develop your existing customer base, find new opportunities and ultimately grow your revenues.

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Product Portfolio

A summary of all the products and services that are available from Comms365

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4G Services Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our 4th Generation Cellular (4G) services for primary and failover connectivity requirements.

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Portable Bonded Internet Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our Portable Bonded Internet services providing Quality of Service (QoS), fast data throughput and automatic resiliency on the same static IP address.


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Fixed Site Bonded Internet Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our SD-ONE Fixed-Site Bonded Internet service delivering Quality of Service (QoS) using SDN Technology to bond up to three connections across any ISP connection, including 4G to provide high performing Bonded Internet.

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Global Multi-Network 4G SIMs Product Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our Global Multi-network solution which enables seamless roaming across all four network providers in the UK, within EU28 countries. Offering Fixed Public or Private IP addresses with a range of data packages. 

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Read through our selection of Partner Case Studies and Testimonials to see what they had to say about working with Comms365.

Case Studies and Testimonials


“You have a full team of support experts and they always have the answer.”

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Daisy Group and The Entertainer

“In collaboration with Comms365, Daisy refreshed The Entertainer’s MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN).”

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“The support we receive from Comms365 is first rate, their engineering team are well educated on the solution and fast to respond. We even allow them to talk directly to our customer should the need arise.”

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Rural Broadband

“The bottom line is that you make sourcing Fixed IP SIM cards and 4G equipment easier and help us get services out to our end users faster.”

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Marstons Telecoms

“We need more Comms365 in our lives!”

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