Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We’ve been in business for over 12 years. We are proud of our Customer Service and how our innovatory products solve the challenges associated with internet connectivity, networking, IoT infrastructure and technology in today’s working world.

We are delighted to work directly with many end customers, as well as our partners, as it pushes us to develop our business – the products, processes and people and ensures that we provide the best service that we can, every time and all the time.

Our Core Values

Solve Common Problems with Our Innovative Products

We have innovative products and services to solve common problems that your customers face. Challenges like:

  • Boosting internet performance at under-performing locations with innovative bonding technology.
  • Adding resilience to existing internet connectivity to reduce downtime with 4G failover.
  • Stepping in with a proven pre-Ethernet solution if there are installation delays for fixed lines.

Product Portfolio

As well as the regular set of connectivity products, let’s discuss how you can create unique business propositions and solutions by combining our carrier grade connectivity with your existing portfolio of products, resulting in a range of superior solutions that provide an improved customer experience that can help you to differentiate yourselves in the market.

Partner Resources

Comms365 provides a range of different resources for you to download and read, providing a guide of what services and products we provide and how you can benefit from adding them to your portfolio.

Partner Wins

Here we provide information about our successful Partnerships and the customer challenges that we addressed, and how we created business opportunities with our Product and Services Solutions.

Become a Partner

You can improve the user experience enjoyed by your customers by having the tools to hand to solve their Internet challenges. We will provide the training you need to ensure that you fully understand our products to enable you to discuss them confidently with your customers.

Our Technical Partners

Join today and watch your business grow by differentiating in a competitive marketplace.

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