Bonded Internet Services

Bonded Internet Services

Use Bonded Internet to provide high performance Internet connectivity at your business premises and sites.

Businesses must ensure their connectivity is as robust as possible. Poor or unreliable connectivity impacts businesses and the requirement to be online 24/7/365 is essential.

A business that uses cloud applications such as Office 365, Dropbox, AWS, CRM and Email needs to have reliable and resilient Internet connectivity. Businesses that use Hosted Voice / VoIP to make and receive calls, need high performance connectivity to underpin the service with resiliency built in, to eradicate downtime and reduced productivity.

The solution is Bonded Internet and our service is called SD-ONE. It can be deployed permanently at a fixed site, or temporarily for a short-term, flexible period.

Read more about our Fixed Site Bonded Internet and our Temporary Rapid Deployment Bonded Internet services.


Our SD-ONE Bonded Internet service combines connections together from multiple sources and technologies, including ADSL, FTTC, 4G and 5G; in fact our technology is so advanced, it can combine the services of pretty well anything and any combination. By enabling this, Comms365 is able to provide a faster, more reliable and more secure Internet connection.

Using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology, Bonded Internet is achieved when multiple connections are effectively combined into a single, aggregated pipe to deliver greater download and upload speeds and increased reliability.

Bonded 5G offers extraordinary performance and resilience, reducing downtime and improving productivity when combined with traditional fixed line services. Comms365 Bonded Internet Services are tried and tested and deployed in thousands of locations across the world.


Imagine if you had an FTTC service that provided a 25Mbps download speed. If you bonded a second 25Mbps FTTC service from another provider, using SD-One, your connection would be approximately 45Mbps.  That is a significant improvement and would make a big impact on your business.


What about resilience? If you take the two connections from the performance example and one of the providers has an issue, your connectivity would still work (albeit slower). By using SD-One, you would not lose a call, your team will still be able to work and there would be no business interruption or reduction in business performance because you would still have an Internet Connection.

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Comms365’s Bonded Internet Services

Fixed Site Bonded Internet – SD-ONE

Solve common, slow Internet connectivity issues with aggregated Bonded Internet and QoS (Quality of Service) on any ISP connection including 5G for higher performance, control and management of your Internet experience.

Business Growth
SD-ONE provides faster,
more reliable Internet
for your growing demands.

SD-ONE enables you
to select and prioritise
traffic over the network.

Cloud Based
SD-ONE provides instant
access to cloud services
without interruption.

Temporary Rapid Deployment Bonded Internet

Bonded Internet connections for fast, high-performance connectivity; delivered and deployed rapidly when and where you need it.

Provide Internet straight away to overcome the disruption of delayed installations.


Supply Internet on construction sites to support stock management and
order fulfilment.

Provides primary
Internet service for new warehouses and to meet increased seasonal demand.

Renewable Energy
Resilient Internet for managing and remote access to pipelines, wind
turbine sites or solar farms.