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Accessing the Internet and Cloud Services is a daily, mission critical requirement for every business.  Downtime reduces revenue and performance and seriously impacts the operational stability of a company and User experience (UX). You do not need to leave it to chance!

The Comms365 SD-One Bonded Internet service is designed as a solution for all businesses who require a higher performance, resilient Internet connection with Quality of Service options as standard.

Whether you are from a one person business or work in a major Enterprise with thousands of staff in multiple locations, SD-One offers peace of mind to IT and Comms managers, that their investment in resilient technology is protecting the business.

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Bonding connections together utilising our class-leading bonded Internet technology, means multiple fixed lines and, or 4G/5G connections can be aggregated together using this service.

Quality of Service (QoS) is available as standard, enabling you to select and prioritise specific traffic types over the network, which is particularly useful for critical applications such as VoIP and Unified Communications.

SD-One is simple and quick to set up, can work with your existing Internet connectivity and may even help you reduce some of the network infrastructure already in place. Deployment can be simple, from a single site needing an improvement to speed and resilience, to a more complex multi-site, multi-country network; SD-One is helping businesses of all sizes improve their operational processes.

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Features and Benefits

Fixed-Site Bonded Internet

Optimises Internet performance for sites with poor and unreliable connectivity


Provides resilience to any Internet connection to provide more uptime for your Users

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Enables you to prioritise network traffic using QoS to provide the best User Experience (UX)

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Ensures accessing Cloud services from the Internet is continuous and without interruption

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SD-One Availability Map

SD-One is available in many geographies, with strategically located PoPs delivering lower latency and local Internet services. New PoPs are being evaluated constantly.

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