Comms365 work with distribution companies who need to facilitate new warehouses at national or multi-national sites, due to expansion or require improved Internet performance to meet increased seasonal demand.

Our Pre-Ethernet Solution allows warehouses in new locations to begin operating immediately whilst waiting for fixed lines to be installed. Even for the most remote sites, we can provide high performance, 4G bonded Internet connectivity, as a temporary or permanent solution, providing improved resilience and bandwidth to meet additional or seasonal demand at peak times.


Here we list our products and services commonly used in the distribution sector, along with other relevant resources. 

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Distribution Use Case

Nexon Group UK

UK National supplier of PPE, Cleaning, Hygiene and Healthcare products were looking for a solution to provide instant Internet access for a new warehouse in a remote location.

“Comms365 provided us with the continuum bonded device giving us a fixed routable IP address with high speed connectivity and a VPN. This meant that our new remote warehouse – which we moved into earlier than expected without any fixed broadband – could continue to provide essential PPE and other supplies to frontline healthcare during the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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Distribution Services

4G/5G Services

Our 4G Fixed IP SIMs are widely used for Machine2Machine purposes

Using 4G/5G technology, our SIMs are commonly used to connect M2M devices. Available on all single operator UK networks, and also unsteered Multi-network Global offerings, our SIMs are provided with a fixed IP address which makes it easier to connect to and access devices remotely. With our own carrier-grade core network, we are in total control of everything as soon as the data traffic passes from the mobile network to us via resilient interconnect points, providing increased visibility and end-to-end flexibility.

In addition, our 4G/5G fixed IP SIMs are also ideal for M2M purposes such as connecting digital signage, ticketing and EPoS machines.  Learn more about our 4G/5G Services here.

Bonded Internet Services

Our Portable Bonded Internet solution can be used to seamlessly boost Internet performance at warehouse sites and distribution centres, as and when it is required. It is perfect to meet increased seasonal demands at national and multi-national locations. Additional benefits mean that the unit can provide added resilience to your Internet access by using a combination of fixed line and mobile data from a selection of carriers. When one carrier suffers an outage, the other connections take the weight.

You can read more about our Bonded Internet Solutions here.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Improve efficiency and gain visibility with the Internet of Things

As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors monitors a range of variables to relay data back to our IoT platform that can provide analytics and alerts. Our SMART Distribution Solution is designed with warehouses in mind, providing solutions for inventory management, security and environment monitoring to increase efficiency and mitigate loss.

We can also work with you to develop a custom IoT solution designed for your specific requirements.

You can read more about our IoT Solutions here.

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Other Resources

SD-ONE Always-On Internet Service Sheet

An in-depth information sheet about our Always-on Internet connectivity service, SD-ONE. Build in Failover, Bonding and SD-WAN for maximum uptime and improved productivity. Simple to use and equipped with a set of powerful technical features and capabilities to add resilience and control to your business network.

4G/5G Services Sheet

Comms365’s 4G/5G Internet services portfolio provides primary connectivity on all of the UK networks: Three, EE, Vodafone and O2, and in all EU countries. The SIMs are available on a range of flexible data packages to suit your requirements. All of our SIMs have DDoS protection as standard and can be supplied with a static IP address so you can easily access and control your device remotely.

Global Multi-Network 4G SIMs

Cellular communications are rapidly evolving. What was once seen as a ‘last resort’ technology, has finally come of age and is now supporting hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world both as a primary and backup solution to ever changing communications needs.

Pre-Ethernet and Failover Services Sheet

The SD-ONE Pre-Ethernet and Failover solution provides instant Internet connectivity whilst you wait for your fixed line to be installed, or it can be used to provide a seamless automatic failover service should your primary connection fail.

Bonded Portable Internet Services Sheet

By bonding connections together from multiple sources, Comms365 is able to provide a faster and more reliable Internet connection, using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology.

Bonded Internet is achieved when multiple connections are effectively combined into a single, aggregated connection to deliver greater download and upload speeds and increased reliability.

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