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Urgent Comms

Our Urgent Comms services to get connected to the Internet are available on a flexible rental basis. This will help you solve any challenges you face to set up Urgent Internet connectivity.

Don’t delay, contact us now to discuss your options – 01234 865880

Challenges you can overcome with this service

Overcome Delays
If there’s a delay before a fixed line is installed, but you need an Internet connection straight away.


Meet Deadlines
If you have a deadline but Internet Connectivity needs to be in place before your business can start operating.


Cope with Seasonal Peaks
Boost performance of an existing Internet connection, to cope with seasonal peaks or staff changes.


Deal with Cable Breaks
Set up an alternative connection if you suffer an outage due to a breakage in fibre or cable.

rapid deployment urgent comms
Rapid Deployment

We can get services to you very quickly depending on your requirements, even same day in some situations..

flexible urgent comms
Flexible and Short-Term

Our services can be deployed to suit any flexible requirements you have, including for a short period of time.

Don’t delay, contact us now to discuss your options – 01234 865880

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