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We design, build, manage and provide IoT Connectivity (IoT-CaaS: Internet of Things Connectivity as a Service) across the following network technologies – M2M, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox and Wi-Fi. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects physical devices to relay data, without the need for human interaction. The collection and sharing of data enables advanced analytics and alerts to solve business challenges, resourcing problems and increase efficiency.

IoT networks connect and collect data from hundreds of thousands of devices that inform and improve critical decision making and business operations in our Cities and Rural environments. Growing areas of focus include Healthcare & Assisted Living, Social Housing, Energy Consumption, Smart Lighting, Parking & EV Management, Waste Programmes, Air & Water Quality, Machinery Maintenance, People Movement, Asset Tracking and CoVid 19 Social Distancing.

Comms365 is a provider of IoT Connectivity. Extensive knowledge about the deployment of bespoke networks for B2B enables us to offer you the best technology options and fully manage the network for you once it is live. We design, build and manage all IoT network technologies – M2M, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox and Wi-Fi.

Comms365 has been running IoT networks for over 12 years.  Our comprehensive cellular M2M network supports customers from the FTSE100 to SME. We have relationships with key LPWAN (Low Powered WAN) partners such as Everynet, Loriot, Pervasive Solutions and Vodafone IoT. In addition, our IoT network services are white labelled by a number of high-profile service providers to their customers.

Download a copy of the Electric Vehicle and Mobility Parking Management Use Case Sheet to see an example of IoT in action.

Making the Right IoT Decisions

Deciding on and investing in IoT is a long term and often complex process. There are many pitfalls that must be navigated in order to design and deploy a solution that will deliver a return on investment, provide the solution you require and be built with long term and contract longevity in mind.

By working with our extensive ecosystem of partners, each selected and integrated to offer an end to end service wrap, Comms365 can help you significantly reduce your time to deploy the solution and start enjoying the benefits quicker.

Download a copy of the IoT Connectivity Solutions Services Sheet.

Comms365’s IoT Services:

Our Consultancy Service

Our consultative approach to IoT network design will ensure that you invest in the right technology, for the right reasons. This will help to reduce the complexity associated with IoT projects and the range of technologies available.

By understanding the fundamental reasons for implementing IoT services, potential failure can be averted. We will work with you and your team to fully understand your requirements and desired outcomes.

IoT Networks

We design, build, manage and provide IoT Connectivity (IoT-CaaS: Internet of Things Connectivity as a Service) across the following network technologies – M2M, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox and Wi-Fi. We offer business-grade public network solutions for innovation projects and Enterprise-grade, highly secure, private network solutions with SLA’s that monitor and underpin critical infrastructure. Our services are scalable, cost-effective and tailored to customer requirements. We are a one stop shop for all IoT Connectivity types, by deploying IoT-CaaS, and our simple commercial models offer customers the perfect choice every time.

Platforms and Analytics

Comms365 has been building data management platforms in house since 2008 when our first proprietary SIM platform “SIM Master Pro” was launched. Our current platform is called CommsPortal and is a feature rich, dynamic portal that can manage huge estates of SIMs, Sensors and Connections across multiple providers simultaneously, with the functionality to set data limits and to push out alerts when data parameters are met.  

A platform is essential, as it unpacks, sorts and analyses the code from the sensors and provides a visual representation of the data.

Sensors and Use Cases

Comms365 has worked with many sensor suppliers and now has a comprehensive catalogue of manufacturers and providers whose sensors have been tested and approved to work on the Comms365 network.  

Customers are requested to liaise directly with sensor suppliers and Comms365 makes the catalogue available to those customers who take LPWAN services, to obtain their sensors. We are more than happy to make the introductions.