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Sensors and Use Cases

Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitor temperature and humidity levels to increase energy efficiency, decrease energy costs and reduce fuel poverty.
environment sensors and use cases


  • Highlight vacant parking spaces and optimise the use in a car park.
  • Alternatively, be alerted when a “No Parking” space becomes occupied, blocking an Emergency Exit or creating an obstruction.
parking sensors and use cases

Waste Management

  • Monitor the fill levels of your waste bins across your estate, park or public open space.  This will help to reduce the number of visits required to personally check the levels by your wardens and facilities management team. You can save time and money and manage your resources more effectively.
waste management

IoT in Your Sector

Here are some ideas and examples of how IoT solutions can be used in your sector. This is not an exhaustive list.  Talk to us about your requirements.

Smart Building Solutions

Monitor indoor environments for comfort and safety measures. 

Smart Facilities Management Solutions

Control an estate by monitoring a range of variables, including parking, energy usage and staff flow. 

Smart Distribution Solutions

Collect information on inventory, security and environment to protect and monitor assets. 

Smart Construction Solutions

Track high value assets, increase site security and provide safety solutions.