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There’s a growing trend for the use of technology in the healthcare sector.  With our own secure, carrier-grade core network and resilient connectivity solutions, Comms365 are well equipped to provide solutions for healthcare.

Here we list our products and services most suited to the healthcare sector, along with some case studies and other relevant resources.

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Healthcare Services

4G Services

Connectivity for wearable devices, internet resilience and portable internet access

4G connectivity has a range of applications in healthcare settings.  Our 4G fixed IP SIMs are ideal for M2M purposes such as patient-worn and at-home technology, as well as digital signage information boards to keep patients up to date.  In addition, a 4G Router and SIM solution can provide portable internet access for remote healthcare workers.  4G connectivity can also be used as part of a failover solution to provide a backup connection ensuring continued access to information should your primary connection fail.

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ISP Services

Traditional fixed line connectivity for reliable internet access in healthcare settings

For permanent healthcare locations such as GP Surgeries and Hospitals, a fixed line connection will typically be used to provide internet access.  Comms365 has full national and international ISP capabilities with our own carrier-grade core network.  We provide a range of fixed line services including ADSL, FTTC, Ethernet, Point to Point, EFM and MPLS WAN.

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Connect multiple sites securely with a Software-Defined Wide-Area Network

SD-WAN enables you to securely connect multiple sites, protected with industry standard AES-256 encryption.  SD-WAN makes network expansion and network changes a much faster and simpler operation compared with traditional MPLS networks.  In addition, the Quality of Service (QoS) feature enables you to prioritise certain traffic types over others.

Read more about SD-WAN here.

IoT Solutions

Improve efficiency in building management or work with us to develop bespoke healthcare solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices. Sensors monitor a range of variables and relay data back to our IoT platform that can provide analytics and alerts.   Our SMART Building and SMART Facilities Management IoT solutions can increase efficiency and improve control in healthcare facilities.  We can also work with you to develop custom IoT solutions related to specific healthcare requirements to improve operations and enhance patient care.

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Healthcare Case Studies

Stirling Medical

Delivering pioneering technology enabled care services that transform the experience of individuals and professionals to deliver truly connected care and health

Comms365 provided Stirling Medical with a disaster recovery solution enabling instant internet connectivity with our 4G Rental Business Broadband Solution.

“If a 4G broadband rental option hadn’t have been available, the wait for fibre optic broadband would have not only impacted heavily on us, but also our customers.”

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Improving Internet speed to create a reliable service

Comms365 provided Diagenics with a ethernet solution allowing faster internet connectivity.

“What impressed me about Comms365 was not only what they could offer and the costs but that its team took the time to ensure that the solution they provided met the exact requirements that we stated”.

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Adept Locums

Optimising Internet performance, providing resiliency to your connection and allowing you to prioritise network traffic

Leading locum recruitment specialist required a Fixed Site Bonded Internet connection to run their office telephone system.

“Comms365 offered us a package with virtually unlimited call time (relative to our needs) plus High Speed Broadband with the static IP address for VPN at nearly 50% of the cost of our previous provider”.

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Nexon Group UK

Nexon Group UK

UK National supplier of PPE, Cleaning, Hygiene and Healthcare products were looking for a solution to provide instant Internet access for a new warehouse in a remote location.

“Comms365 provided us with the continuum bonded device giving us a fixed routable IP address with high speed connectivity and a VPN. This meant that our new remote warehouse – which we moved into earlier than expected without any fixed broadband – could continue to provide essential PPE and other supplies to frontline healthcare during the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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