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Pre-Ethernet and Failover SD-ONE

The SD-ONE Pre-Ethernet and Failover solution provides instant connectivity whilst you wait for your fixed line to be installed, or can provide a seamless automatic failover service. An Internet connection with built in resilience should your primary connection fail.

Utilising 4G, SD-ONE can provide connectivity from day one whilst you wait for long lead time Ethernet circuits, making it ideal for when you are setting up, expanding sites or moving location.

As a failover solution, SD-ONE will automatically switch to a backup 4G connection in the event of a primary connection failure; retaining the same IP address to provide business continuity.

For more information please download a copy of our Pre-Ethernet & Failover Service Sheet.

The SD-ONE Pre-Ethernet Solution can:
  • Pre-Ethernet – provide instant and fast connectivity so you can start operating immediately, meaning no lost revenue whilst you wait for fixed line installation. SD-ONE can then remain in place as a failover solution.
  • Failover– seamlessly and automatically failover onto the backup connection so there is no disruption and your business can continue to operate as usual with guaranteed internet resilience.

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